AJAX tooltip displaying a full node.

Set and display tooltips on Views field and field headers. Uses multiple tooltip plugins, including qTip and qTip2. Supports full HTML, AJAX and Views tokens.

This module supersedes Views Label Tooltip. Existing settings from that module will be automatically migrated here.


  • Enable Views Field Tooltip display extender at admin/structure/views/settings/advanced
  • Select your tooltip library of choice at admin/structure/views/settings/tooltips
  • Edit your view's fields. On each field, set the field's Tooltip settings
  • You can also set the field's label Tooltip
  • Edit the display's Advanced > Other > Tooltip style settings to control how tooltips are styled. Examples are provided for each supported tooltip library.


To add support for other tooltip libraries, use hook_views_field_tooltip_library_info as documented in views_field_tooltip.api.php.

Known issues

Generating translatable tooltips will not work correctly until this Views issue is resolved: #2290511: `unpack_translatable` not supported for display extenders. Please support it by testing the patch and voicing your interest!

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsoring part of the development and ongoing maintenance

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