This uses the migrate framework to allow the import of your phpbb data into Drupal equivalents.

While the use of this module should be quite straight forward, you may need to know some php etc in order to overcome any issues.

The current functionality of this module includes migration of the following key parts of a PHPBB forum:

  • User accounts, with avatars as user pictures and working passwords (without use of any external modules)
  • Forums imported as taxonomy (to work with core forums module) with hierarchy intact
  • All phpbb topics imported as forum posts
  • All phpbb forum posts imported as forum post comments
  • All phpbb forum attachments imported media module if installed or to a file field on either the topic entity or it's comments
  • Private Messages imported to the privatemsg module

Drupal 6

Please see #1854186: Support for the 6.x branch. regarding Drupal 6 support. While the module has been used extensively with Drupal 6, there is no live support for the module should new issues occur.

Bundled Modules:


Will convert phpBB privatemsgs to Drupal Privatemsg - the contributed privatemsg module is required for this to work.


Redirects from the old phpBB forums, topics and posts to the new Drupal forums, nodes and comments.


  1. migrate is needed for the migrations to function
  2. bbcode
  3. phpbb2privatemsg requires the privatemsg module
  4. Not a requirement, but the Signatures for Forums module is supported.
  5. Not a requirement, but the media module is supported.

The future of this module

This module by it's very nature is only needed by people for a short time. As such it has been maintained by a number of people who have needed it at the time but no longer need to migrate phpbb to Drupal. Pressing bugs may be addressed, but the maintainers are very open to new people coming in and making their mark on it.

Having said that the D6 and D7 versions of this module have migrated hundreds of thousands of users, posts and topics so it is pretty well tested.

The D7 version is also extendable, so you can write code to fit your particular version of phpbb without having to mess with the module internals. (documentation on how to do this to come)

The latest work on the module (the 7.x-3.x branch and other work) is sponsored by Alfresco.

Project Information