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United Kingdom
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Senior Developer
Freelance Web Developer

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Concept Systems
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IT Support, Database Development, Web Development, Software Engineering, Kids multi activity instructor, Chalet Host

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Freelance web developer splitting my time between being a stay at home dad and building amazing web experiences.

Available for work so if you have a project and need some help, feel free to get in touch.


On Drupal.org for 9 years 3 months

Drupal Contributions: 

I ported the phpbb2drupal module to D7 which involved a complete rewrite of the old code to make use of the migration module.

During the course of my work I've also found various small issues with various modules and helped diagnose any issues and where I can I've created and submitted patches. This helps the module maintainers to fix any bugs found and is the only responsible thing to do with Free Software projects like this.


Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner

darksnow helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

I contributed Drupal patches
I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I provide Drupal-related services
I give support on IRC