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This module provides a site administrator the ability to log users out after a specified time of inactivity.
It is highly customisable and includes "site policies" by role to enforce logout.

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  • Different timeouts based on role
  • Disabling of timeouts based on role
  • Permission for users to set their own timeout
  • Includes some JS mechanisms to keep uses logged in even if multiple tabs are open or if the user is working on a form for a long period of time.
  • Includes developer hooks to allow users to remain logged in depending on your own project specific requirements
  • Optional integration with Javascript Timer

Drupal 8 release

The development of the module is happening at
Please create an issue queue in the issue queue and submit any issues or PR by using the commit format from the issue.

Old Versions

The 7.x-5.x branch was discontinued. Only use the 7.x-4.x branch releases for Drupal 7.

Recommended modules

  • Session Limit - For limiting the maximum number of logged in sessions a user can have.
  • Password Policy - For enforcing password length, complexity and renewal.

More information

Checkout this blog post from Lullabot Module Monday: Auto Logout

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Drupal 8 release

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