This module allows you to AJAXify a panels page by making links and form submissions on the page cause the specified mini-panels embedded in that page reload themselves via AJAX.

To use this module, simply download and enabled it, then turn on Panels Mini Ajax in the configuration for the panels pages you want AJAX enabled on.

The use-case for this module was to provide integration between an external application which was rendered in an iframe and provided data via JavaScript postback events with an existing mini-panels in Drupal that displayed contextual information based on this data.

Since clicking any links on the mini-panel would reload the page, any interaction with the application rendered in the iframe would be lost. This module prevents the default action on the links, while making sure they function by AJAX reloading them instead of refreshing the page.

To ensure this functions correctly links and function submissions are only cause AJAX reloads if they would reload the current page.

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