Note: It's advised that you install this module right after installing your site (or before adding content). Switching storage handler involves a migration of existing content which needs work.

Multiversion will convert all core content entities on your site to be revisionable. This includes but is not limited to, nodes, taxonomy terms, comments, block content.

It also enhances the Entity API by providing a global identifier for all revisions, handling revision trees (by tracking revision parents) and changing the delete operation to write a new "deleted" revision so that it can be restored if needed.

Use with:

  • Workspace to get a simple UI for creating and switching between workspaces
  • Deploy to get a UI for deploying content between workspaces
  • RELAXed Web Services to get the ability to deploy content between workspaces across sites
  • Trash to restore deleted entities

Visit for more information on this suite of modules.

Contrib Dependencies


Known issues

  • Multiversion requires 64 bit integers, this therefore requires 64 bit hardware and a 64 bit version of PHP.

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