This module provides a generic RESTful API for all content entities. It extends the core REST API with better support for translations, revisions, file attachments, UUID references etc.

The API is based on the CouchDB replication protocol and the Multiversion module handle the underlying entity storage to support complex bi-directional content replication scenarios across a network of sites or environments. The API also provides the ability for clients to subscribe to real-time change notifications.



If you have not installed RELAXed Web Services with composer you will need to run composer require relaxedws/replicator:dev-master in your Drupal root directory, or use Composer Manager, to make sure all dependencies are added.
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Use Cases

Decoupled, offline-capable front-end sites

Since the API is heavily inspired by CouchDB it can be used to create "offline-first" apps or websites with compatible frontend libraries such as PouchDB or

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Content Staging

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Starting with 8.x-1.0-beta1 RELAXed Web Services is not compatible with Drupal 8.2.x and older. For Drupal <= 8.2.x use 8.x-1.0-alpha11.

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