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What is is?

More Like This provides a pluggable framework for providing related content. This data is provided as blocks to be manipulated during theming.

How does it work?

More Like This works by first specifying your "Thumbprint" for a particular node on the node edit form. By "thumbprint" we mean you can specify
the terms/words that you, as an editor, feel uniquely identifies this content item. You can either select existing taxonomy terms associated with this specific node, enter free hand terms, or have them prefilled for you with suggestions returned by the Calais Web Service.

Note for 1.1 release: Make sure you are also using Calais 3.0+ for proper integration with Calais Prefill.


More Like This has a pluggable architecture for providing related content based on keywords. Currently developed More Like This providers are:

  • Internal Taxonomy search
  • Flickr image search
  • Google Video search
  • Yahoo BOSS Web/News search
  • Yahoo BOSS Image search

Looking ahead

More plugins and caching of MLT content for performance increases.

Calais Collection

This module is part of the Calais Collection. Also part of the collection is

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