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What are Topic Hubs?

Harnessing the power of Calais tagging, administrators can create Topic Hubs based on site’s most popular tags. Topic hubs are highly configurable and contain a series of pluggable content modules, like “Most Read” content for this topic, “Most Commented” stories, most active contributors, and links to other related topics. To top it off, integration with Calais Geo allows for plotting all of your content for a Topic Hub content on a map.

For example, a topic hub of “healthcare” may have related topics of “homeopathy” and “medicine”. Through topic hubs, readers can explore all content related to subjects they are interested in. And, different from other news topic pages, these are configured automatically instead of being curated by editorial staff.

Topic Hubs 6.x-1.x iintegrates with Panels2 for full control over layout and content.

Topic Hubs 6.x-2.x iintegrates with Panels3.

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