This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Marmoset Tab

Marmoset's purpose is to provide a simple way to make your Web site's contents available through intelligent search.

This module integrates the Calais Marmoset site crawler into Drupal. It adds a tab on the node that when selected will display the microformat data returned my marmoset.
Click through for more information about Calais marmoset

While the Calais module is not required for this to work, if installed along with the Calais module, the data returned with marmoset crawler uses a view to display other content having the same Calais terms.

This module requires that you download the Marmoset Package from . You will also have to edit some of the files according to the instructions found at

Calais Collection

Also part of the collection is


This project is sponsored by Thomson Reuters' Calais and Phase2 Technology.

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