jQuery carousel is based on the jquery plugin http://github.com/richardscarrott/jquery-ui-carousel. It allows developers to create carousels using the data entered through the content types. The carousels
could be vertical or Horizontal depending on the configurations. These carousels can be configured for
"swipe to slide" on mobile devices as well. Also, the module allows us to have "multiple carousels" with
different configurations on a single page as it ties up the config for a carousel to its instance only
rather than having it as a global config for the page.

#D8CX: I pledge that jQuery Carousel will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.



What this module Provides:

  • Views style Plugin: This module provides a views style plugin to display the view-rows in the form of a carousel.
  • Field Formatter Plugin: This module provides a field formatter plugin for image field. Displays the multi-valued content as a carousel.
  • hook_carousel_theme_info(): This hooks allows developers to register a new theme for the carousel
    and load the corresponding CSS file. e.g.,
         * Implements hook_carousel_them_info()
        function mymodule_carousel_theme_info() {
          $themes = array();
          $themes['my_custom_theme'] = array(
            'title' => t('My Custom Theme'),
            'file' => 'my_module/my_custom_theme/jquery-carousel-default.css'
          return $themes;
  • Configurable vertical & Horizontal carousels.
  • Touch support for mobile devices. Requires jquery 1.9+
  • Can easily place multiple carousels with different configurations on a single page. Carousel configurations are tied up with carousels & not the page.


This module depends on jquery ui carousel library(http://github.com/richardscarrott/jquery-ui-carousel).


  • Download the module and place it with other contributed modules (e.g. sites/all/modules/contrib).
  • Enable the jQuery Carousel module on the Modules list page.
  • Download the jquery ui carousel library form http://github.com/richardscarrott/jquery-ui-carousel and save it in sites/all/libraries folder. Library should be accessible as sites/all/libraries/jquery-ui-carousel.
  • Goto admin/reports/status & make sure jquery ui carousel is not throwing errors.


  • Views Style Plugin:
    • Goto admin/structure/views. Click on "Add new view"
    • Create a view with "page" display. Add fields you need to be displayed in a carousel. This would
      mostly be images. Add images with appropriate "image presets".
    • Change the "Format" to jQuery Carousel and click on "Apply this display".
    • Configure the plugin in the settings form that pops up.
    • Save the view and visit the path set for the view while creating the page display.
    • Save the view and visit the path set for the view while creating the page display.
    • You should be able to see the data requested in the view in the form of a carousel.
      Field Formatter Plugin:
    • Goto admin/structure/types. You should be able to see article content type(ships with an image field).
    • Click on Manage display.
    • Under format select list, choose jQuery Carousel. You will see the same settings form as you see for the
      views style plugin. Configure it as per the requirements.
    • Goto node/add/article. Create an article with multiple images uploaded.
    • The view page for the article should show the multiple values in a carousel.

a. Module ships with only one default theme named as default. You can create as many themes as
needed using the hook explained under What this module Provides#3.
b. You must add a selector value in the selector field coming up in settings form. This is the
class that the carousel's markup gets wrapped with & the configs done get applied to.

Similar Modules:

How is it different from other carousels:

  • Provides an option to have vertical & horizontal carousels
  • Provides touch mode configuration for mobile devices
  • Provides field formatter for multi-valued fields
  • Allows UI developers to write CSS for it rather than overriding the CSS that comes right from the plugin.
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