Integrates JCarousel features into views slideshow version 6.x-3.x or 7.x. Currently provides a JCarousel pager widget.

@See also:

  • Views Slideshow
  • JCarousel - provides a "pure" JCarousel view style.
  • Views Slideshow JCarouselThumbs - a plugin for Views Slideshow 2.x based on thumbnail hover that provides a JCarousel in place of the "thumbnails." This module serves the same purpose in a more elegant way for Views Slideshow 3.x versions.

This module provides a jCarousel slideshow option for the views_slideshow module.

To use this, follow these steps:

  1. Download and extract the following modules and their dependencies to the sites/all/modules (or your team's equivalent)
  2. Download and extract the 0.2.9 version of the jCarousel library to sites/all/libraries. The source code can be found here:

    the folder name you create for this will need to be "jcarousel". the full path should be: sites/all/libraries/jcarousel

    and when you are done, the following path will need to be available: sites/all/libraries/jcarousel/lib

  3. enable the views_slideshow_jcarousel module from
  4. create or edit a view. Under the Format heading, click "format" and select "slideshow". You should now be able to select and configure your jcarousel slideshow.

    Pager options are on this configuration screen, not under views "pager settings". To decide where you want your pager to go,
    you can tick the pager widget checkbox beneath the area you wish to show it. your choices are "top" or "bottom" of carousel.

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