Jammer partial configuration

Hide or remove items from displaying including the node and comment preview buttons, node delete button, revision log textarea, workflow form on the workflow tab, and feed icon.

This module is intended to be a dumping ground for removing things from the user interface that might not be appropriate in all cases or just plain confuses certain audiences. That means your crazy ideas for removing output might actually fit in this module as a new feature or adjustment of a current one as long as there's not already a way to do it elsewhere.

For jamming various user deletion options, see Protect Critical Users or for other options in hiding configured fields, see Formfilter and Preview. For messages see Disable Messages.

A note for the permission options added in the latest Drupal 6 release: These are intended to allow you to override the Jammer settings for user roles that require access to the jammed option by providing a permission to allow a user role view the option. Admin (aka user1) is always considered to have permissions, so please confirm that jamming is occurring on a non user1 account.

Drupal 7

For Jamming the Preview button for content types in Drupal 7, the functionality is built into core. Visit admin/build/node-type/blog (example for blogs), or by navigation path, Administer - Site building - Content types - edit - Submission form settings fieldset.

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