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Manage display form with a field collection enabled for IED.
HTML render of fields from unlimited field_collection.
Krumo of the entity view on a node with a field collection enabled for IED.


Make available the fields and text properties from referenced entities into the parent entity template and the manage fields display overview.

Drupal standard entity display:

- title
- field body
- field reference -> default formatters

With IED enabled:

- title
- field body
- field reference -> default formatters
- field from field reference: field_name1
- field from field reference: field_name2
- properties of type text from field reference: propertyname1

Each field are keyed by delta or not depending of the cardinality of the reference field.

Compatible reference fields :
- Entity reference
- Field collection


- You can control, for each compatible reference field instances, if the fields from the referenced entities would be available as extra fields. Disabled by default.

- You can manage the visibility of the referenced entities fields on the manage display form. Hidden by default.

- View modes are added to represent this context and manage custom display settings for the referenced entities fields in this context {entity_type}_{view_mode}
Example: "Node: Teaser" is used to render referenced entities fields, when you reference an entity into a node, and you view this node as a teaser
if there are no custom settings for this view mode, fields are rendered using the default view mode settings.

- Extra data attributes are added on the default fields markup, so the field of the same entity can be identified.

Compatible with Field group on manage display form.

Compatible with Display Suite layouts on manage display form.


- Entity API
- One of the compatible reference fields module.

The install of this module will come automatically with these modules: entity_reference, field_collection, field_group, display suite.


- Create a compatible entity reference field on a content type.
- Enable IED on this fields
- Go to manage display form of this content type, and make visible some field from your referenced entities
- Devel generate some content
- Play with the entity reference field cardinality and bundles that can be referenced to see the different manage display form IED options.

Drupal 8 : There is a module in development that cover the functionality of this module (better), and more, if you're interested on testing, we need your feedback:


Thanks to the developers of "Commerce Product Reference" that inspired this module.

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