Flag lists allows regular users to create unlimited private flags called lists. Flag lists extends Flag. In Flag, a site administrator creates the flags that any authorized users may use. In Flag lists, users create their own lists, and they may only add to their own lists.

An example use case would be a shopping site where users make private wishlists that they name and manage: "Books I need for my Drupal library" or "Guitar strings I've tried on my Yamaha acoustic". The site builder can then work with the lists, most likely using Views, to provide useful content display, perhaps integrating with a shopping cart or an email broadcast.

Flag Lists is in the early stages of development and should not be used in production. Testing, patches and feedback is all welcome!


Requires Flag version 6.x-2.0-beta5 (when released) OR 6.x-2.0-dev OR version 6.x-2.0-beta4 and the latest patch here #750578: Patch creates hook_flag_delete(), comment #10. The patch is in the dev and will be in beta5 when released.

Views is strongly recommended

Token is strongly recommended

How to use:

  • Install as usual.
  • At admin/build/flags you will see a flag "fl_template." This is a default template flag provided by flag_lists. You can edit it to make changes to list messages and to assign it to node types. This template will be used only on types you assign.
  • You can create new templates here: admin/build/flags/lists/template and apply them to other node types. A template can be assiged to many node types, but a node type can only have one template assigned to it.
  • Enable the "list" block so that it is displayed on your content. The block will only be visible if the content is listable and the user has permission to create lists. That is, the node type must be assigned a template, or the block won't appear. Further, you should enable the link to create lists in the block's config.
  • Create new lists using the link in the block.
  • See your lists and listed content at user/[uid]/flags/lists

To do:

  • Views integration is in, but could use some more eyes
  • Better admin and user display of lists
  • Anonymous user lists
  • Permissions and access testing.

Please Note:

Until there is a recommended official release, database updates will need to be made manually or by reinstalling the module. Please read the CHANGELOG.txt as you update to see if any database changes are required.


The flag_lists 7.x-3.x is compatible with the 3.x version of the Flag module.

  • For this version views and flag 7.x-3.x are a requirement.
  • New installation and upgrade from 7.x-1.1 has been tested. However a direct upgrade from 6.x-1.1 has not been tested.

A documentation page for this specific version has been started.

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