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Features Override is used to change (override) existing Features. You may want to use it if:

  • You are installing a feature module that requires this module.
  • You have a site built on features - e.g., an Open Atrium or Commerce Kickstart site - and you want to make changes without losing them when you upgrade to a new version.
  • You are a feature developer looking to selectively override components (Views, content types, etc.) of existing features and export just the changes to code.

Initial 1.x development sponsored by Chocolate Lily. The 7.x-1.x branch was unstable with several reported issues for views (and, likely, panels). That branch has been abandoned with new development occurring in the 7.x-2.x branch (sponsored by Phase2 Technology). Drupal 6 users should continue to use the 6.x-1.x 2.x branch is planned.

NOTE: Overrides exported with version 1.x are NOT COMPATIBLE with overrides exported with version 2.x. If upgrading you should disable the 1.x override, remove the 1.x Features Overrides module, install/enable the Features Overrides 2.x version, then re-export your changes as new overrides.

Drupal 8

For similar functionality in Drupal 8, please see the Config Actions module.


Basic Usage

See the module's README.txt for how to use Features Override. These instructions are for the 7.x-2.x version.

The main use case for Features Override is to build new features on top of existing ones. To do so:

  1. Install and enable an existing feature. An example might be a View.
  2. Make changes to your site using the normal Drupal UI. For example, edit a View the change it's title or which fields are displayed.
  3. At admin/structure/features, notice the original feature is marked "Overridden". Click "Create Feature" to create a new feature.
  4. Select "Features Overrides" from the Edit components drop-down selector.
  5. Check the box next to the components you wish to save changes to (such as the View).
  6. Click Download to download your new "override" feature.
  7. Install and enable the new "override" feature just as you would with any other feature/module. Notice that nothing is marked as "overridden" anymore.
  8. Disable your "Override Feature" to remove the changes. Enable it to restore the changes.
  9. This feature can now be added to sites that have the original feature you overrode.
  10. Use the new "Review Overrides" tab to view site changes on a line-by-line basis, improved over the older "diff" method that often didn't show enough context about the change.

See also the more detailed instructions in the handbook.

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