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Facebook Mobile

This module is a drop-in extension to the Fbconnect module and adds mobile-only Facebook functionality. Facebook offers a mobile web connect method for WAP and Touch phones. Fbmobile currently implements what is documented here:

Fbmobile does not replace any Fbconnect functionality, but rather extends it for mobile web. Device detection is based on Mobile Tools, which in turn can be extended with WURFL or Browscap.



Works out of the box. There is one configuration option through the Fbconnect settings for appearance: mobile mode. There is the choice for Touch (default) or WAP. WAP supports all devices, while Touch is better-looking but ony works on modern (Full HTML) devices.


  • Auto-detect WAP versus Touch-mode.


This module's further development is sponsored by Morningtime, a Drupal company from Munich, Germany.

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