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See #1321338: WURFL data is no longer open source


The WURFL module helps you in detecting the device capabilities of the mobile device visiting your website. It is based on WURFL and the WURFL PHP library..

The module provides device capability detection as an api to developers.
The WURFL module can be used by calling the native interface:

  $requestingDevice = wurfl_get_requestingDevice();
  // get capabilities (see
  $width = $requestingDevice->getCapability('resolution_width');
  $height =  $requestingDevice->getCapability('resolution_height');
  $browser = $requestingDevice->getCapability('mobile_browser');

By using the Mobile Tools module, you can use the more generic function call:


The function will forward its request to the module that has been selected to detect device capabilities (currently, only the WURFL implementation exist, but more implementation could be added in the future!).

The module can be used to make adaptive themes, do advanced logging, etc ... Reports on experimentation are welcome!

Making device groups

Device groups is a concept introduced by the Mobile Tools module in order to switch to different themes depending on the device. WURFL just provides a simple "Mobile Device" group. However you can easily make a contrib module that extends the device groups. For an example, look at the "contrib" folder of this module.

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