Facet API Pretty Paths illustration

Enables pretty paths for searches with Facet API. You will likely use this module in combination with either Search API or Apache Solr Search Integration.

Functionality overview

  • Pretty paths will be generated as "search/url/segment1/segment2/".
  • By default, a segment will look like: "<alias>/<value>".
  • Custom coder plugins, allow to override the default segment representation.
  • The taxonomy coder outputs the id: "<alias>/<term-name>-<term-id>".
  • The taxonomy pathauto coder leverages pathauto aliases to create even prettier paths: "<alias>/<term-alias>".
  • Pager & breadcrumbs supported.
  • Supports the optional Current Search Blocks "current_search" module of Facet API.

Drupal 8

See https://www.drupal.org/project/facets_pretty_paths




Upgrade notice

Since beta1, no Search API patches are required any more, see #1861786: Fix base path issues.
Since alpha9, you need Search API 1.3 or apply #1777710: Remove dependency on $_GET['q'] for determining base paths.
Since alpha8, paths aren't sorted by default but you may enable this at the admin config page.
Since alpha6, it should also work with Apache Solr Search Integration.
Since alpha2, pretty paths are opt-in! Make sure to enable them in the admin config page.


Your help is needed and appreciated!

Please provide reviews, report bugs and provide patches in the issue queue. Here are some guidelines for helping maintainers in the issue queue. I am also willing to get co-maintainers on board :)


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