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This module provides a hidden field widget for an entity reference field.

It is dependent upon the following modules:

This field gets values populated to it through query parameters on the entity edit forms.

For example, if you have a node based content type with a machine name of test_type with an entityreference field named field_entityref that has its widget set to "Hidden field", you can populate that field with a value passed through the query parameter of the node add/edit form, like so: (add new node) (edit existing node)

For creating a new node, you simply pass the field name and a valid entity reference id (an invalid value will generate a form error message).

For editing an existing node, you pass the field name and a valid entity reference id, along with an additional parameter "replace" set to "yes". If you do not pass "replace=yes" when editing an existing node, any field values passed in the query parameters will be ignored for entity reference fields.

Query parameters are gotten by calling drupal_get_query_parameters(). If you are using this module out of the box, simply pass the query parameter correctly and the field will get populated. However, if you are doing a custom form, and would like to populate the field, you can use drupal_get_query_parameters() in your custom form code to retrieve the query parameters and assign them to a custom field.

Once saved, the content type instance's entity reference field can be rendered as any other entity reference field.

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