This project is intended as the primary issue queue for discussing DrupalCI, the testing infrastructure for drupal.org. It is the first place for opening testing issues so they can be triaged into their proper sub queues, pitching ideas, and keeping up to date with the roadmap and plans.


There are several sub projects that make up DrupalCI:

Drupal.org Integration

This sub-project is responsible for integration between drupal.org and our jenkins build dispatcher, dispatcher.drupaci.org. Everything that you see and interact with on drupal.org (patch results in issues, configuration of testing on projects etc) all happen here in this project.

DrupalCI: Environments

This sub projects contains all of the container definitions for the docker environments we run our tests on. If it involves php, the databases, or any other environment configuration related issue, it probably goes in this queue.

DrupalCI: Test Runner

This is the codebase that actually executes the builds on the EC2 instances. It is responsible for building the codebase to be tested, starting the environments they will be tested in, and running all assessments required of the build.

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