Drupal CI

Documentation for the automated testing infrastructure on Drupal.org.

Using DrupalCI on Drupal.org

For any project on Drupal.org, DrupalCI testing can be enabled from the Automated Testing link on the Project page. Please note: Only

Running DrupalCI Locally

A step-by-step guide to running the DrupalCi testbot locally.

Contributing to DrupalCI

Contribution Guidelines for DrupalCI

Understanding Test Output

Learn how to interpret the test output from DrupalCI on Drupal.org

Drupal.org Testing Policy

Satisfying the variety of use-cases for testing while keeping the cost of the testing infrastructure manageable

Enabling Notifications

You can configure email notifications for test results.


Frequently Asked Questions about Automated Testing and Drupal CI aka testbots

Testbot broke! What do I do now?

What to do when you believe the testbots themselves are not working


This page will help solving common problems that can occur when running the DrupalCI testbot on a local development environment.

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