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Drupal 8 distribution to provide a basic key functionality of the Drupal Camp website.This showcases Drupal 8 core's functionality within a site scenario similar to a live drupal camp website.

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This install profile makes it easy to create a Drupal camp website with features :

  1. Event Signup
  2. Session Proposal
  3. Session Selection
  1. COD : This distribution focus on the functionality needed for the drupalcamps in india.


This distribution includes the contrib modules : fb_likebox, twitter_block for creating and setting up of twitter block and facebook likebox in the sidebar.

This profile improves the efficiency of setting up a powerful website for event such as Drupal Camps and for non-Drupal events alike.

Note - It’s a Drupal 8.x installation profile & there is not plan of back-porting it to 7.x

Known Issues

The distribution did not provide the default content because the data would be different for every camp so we need to add the data by our own.

If you have an issue to report, please create an issue in the drupalcamp support issue queue unless you are submitting an issue that is specifically about the drupalcamp installation profile, Theme or Drush make scripts.


This profile is result of combined effort from several folks attending camp around India. Few names are -

  1. saki007ster
  2. naveenvalecha
  3. RajeevK
  4. piyuesh23
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