Drupal 8

The first version (8.x-2.x) has been released and seems works pretty fine.

Roadmap is here

Drupal 7 and general info

The Droogle Module (sometimes referred to as DR. OOGLE) integrates Google Drive (formally google docs) with Drupal. It provides a list of a configured google user's documents. Droogle also works with Organic Groups and each Organic Group can hook up to a unique user account to manage it's group documents. The module's creation is sponsored by Babson College and is to be used to better manage documents for groups, classes, etc. Integrating documents with google means better access to documents on ipads, iphones, etc, since there are many apps for these devices to sync your google docs account(s). Droogle is not to be confused with BBoogle, which is Blackboards integration with Google Docs -- but Droogle works much the same way and serves the same purpose.

You cannot view any document(s) unless you are logged in as a google user that has permissions to view the document.

At Babson we are programmatically sharing a document with a list of students in an organic group (each class is an organic group in our case). We are creating a user in google with the same name as our organic group, and that corresponding google user is sharing all of the documents with the og group members -- this is done upon class creation (class creation is also done programmatically).

We are looking for ideas on how to improve the module to make it as useful as possible in eduction and to the general community. We are open to having co-maintainers.

UPDATE: Droogle has been updated (in versions 7.x-4.0-beta10 + ) to use the latest version of google's API (found at https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client). Droogle
now uses a client id and client secret which is described a bit more in the
Droogle config and setup section.

Please note that if you update droogle to version 7.x-4x, the module will be more reliable since it's using a more up to date api (the old version is definitely acting wonky), but you'll need to learn to create a client id and client secret at google using Google's developers console at: https://cloud.google.com/console. This version of the Google Drive API does not use a user's username and password as the previous versions of Droogle did. My apologies for not being able to update Droogle to the newer API earlier, but now there is a business demand for the update, so it goes. If anyone wants to co-maintain Droogle or add features please be in touch! Thank you.

Here's the presentation of this module at Drupalcon Austin: https://austin2014.drupal.org/session/collaborative-spaces-integrating-d...

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