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This module provides a default Entity Browser that lets you browse and select your Content from a feature-rich View that displays rows in a grid using a new View Mode. This allows for content editors to visually select what Content they want to reference while maintaining a consistent style throughout the selection process.

Currently only Nodes are supported - but support for all default Content Entities (Content Blocks, Taxonomy Terms, Users) is planned.


  1. Entity Browser (dev release)
  2. Entity Embed


  1. Download Entity Browser from
  2. Download Entity Embed from
  3. Download and extract the download to /libraries/masonry (or any libraries directory if you're using the Libraries module)
  4. Enable Content Browser
  5. For any Entity Reference field referencing Content (Nodes), change your Form Display Mode to use "Entity Browser", then in the Widget configuration (click the gear) use "Content Browser" as your default Entity Browser.

Other notes

This is a sister module of File Browser.

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