This module provides a reporting system for Drupal Commerce.

Some features that you will find in this module:

  • Table-based reports for sales with filtering by order status and date ranges. The report can break sales down monthly, weekly and daily.
  • Table-based reports for customers, products and payment methods.
  • An advanced reports dashboard showing a summarized view for all the above reports, visualization done by Google Visualization API via Charts module.
  • The ability to export to CSV files when Views Data Export is enabled.


Tax reporting

The tax reporting module uses the Batch API to generate reports. It is able to handle multiple reports with a variety of parameters, which are handled through the Entity API.


This sub-module provides integration with Geckoboard allowing for reporting information about your revenue, sales and orders. (Not tested on 4.x branch)


Stock reporting provides detailed insights into current product stock and projected stock lifetimes.

Commerce Reports 7.x-4.x

The 7.x-4.x branch is an overhaul of the module decoupling the dependency of Visualization API, as it would have to be maintained simultaneously. It also replaces the granularity views plugin the module provided with Views Date Format SQL and utilizes Date Popup from Date module. Review the 7.x-4.x README.txt for more information.

Upgrading from 3.x to 4.x

The 4.x branch is still in alpha and needs more testing, but is ready for production use. If you are upgrading from 3.x to 4.x be sure to disable and uninstall the module before upgrading.

Development on 4.x

I'm organizing module issues on a to prioritize issues for releases.

Dependencies (7.x-3.x)

The current development branch depends on the Visualization API. A stable release of the Visualization API will be released at the same time as the next stable release of Commerce Reporting.

The 3.x branch of Commerce Reports is brought to you by the Google Summer of Code project Sales Reports for Drupal Commerce.

Supporting organizations: 
Maintenance, development time.
Drupal 8 port, maintenance

Project Information