This is the project where Coding Standards changes are proposed, discussed, vetted, accepted, and announced.

The Process for Changing Coding Standards

  1. Create an issue in the coding-standards project queue.
  2. At least two additional active community members (contrib module maintainers, active patch contributors, etc) need to agree to sponsor the change in the form of a comment on the issue.
  3. After an initial round of community discussion, the issue can be tagged "needs announcement for final discussion" and it becomes eligible for coding standards maintainer consideration.
  4. The coding standards committee use their discretion to decide which and how many of the "needs announcement for final discussion" issues to announce and tag with "final discussion".
  5. An announcement is made of the coding standards changes under consideration with an consideration date (e.g. 14 days). If there are concerns or conversation is on going, the issue time box may be extended.
    • The announcement will be made via TWG Twitter account,,, and "this week in drupal core"
    • Each issue is considered with the following guidelines:
      1. If a clear majority of commenters disagree with a policy change it is dismissed
      2. If no clear majority exists but core and contrib maintainers have advocated for the change, the issue will be automatically escalated to a private decision by the coding standards maintainers
      3. All changes that can be tested with coder/phpcs are advised to come with a patch on the the coding-standards project issue (to avoid a flood of patches for not-yet-ratified standards to the coder queue)
  6. The next meeting of the coding standards maintainers will discuss the issues and tag appropriate issues with "approved" and “needs documentation updates”, mark issue status as “needs work”, or close the issue with “won’t fix”. These meetings are currently scheduled approximately every two weeks.
  7. If the issue affects core it will be moved to the core queue and marked RTBC for core committer signoff after which the issues should be left in RTBC, tagged with “Core Committer Approved” and moved back to the coding standards project queue.
  8. coding standards pages are updated for approved proposals. Issues are marked "fixed" and “needs documentation updates” tag removed.
  9. An announcement of all active discussions for the period will be made providing links to updated coding standards docs where appropriate.

Project Information