API for developers that allows to react on changed fields in node when node has been updated. It includes two demo modules: changed_fields_basic_usage and changed_fields_extended_field_comparator

Use cases

  • You use services and services_client modules to deploy nodes on different sites and you want to avoid false positive requests (when node saved but nothing changed inside the node)
  • You want to modify node object depends on changed fields values.
  • You want to know which fields have been changed before node would saved
  • Some other useful things

Supported field types for Drupal7

All core's field types

Additional field types:

Supported field types for Drupal8

All core's field types

Difference between 7.x-2.x and 7.x-3.x branches

  1. Branches are not compatible.
  2. 7.x-3.x is built on spl interfaces instead of custom ones.
  3. In 7.x-3.x you can define different observers with different observable bundles and its fields. In 7.x-2.x all the attached observers could observe only that bundles and its fields that were defined in subject object.

If you already use 7.x-2.x and you don't need new feature then you can stay on this version. If you haven't used this module yet but want to use it then install 7.x-3.x version.

Please see detailed description here.

Usage for Drupal7

Please consider this Changed Fields API Drupal 7 usage guide.

Usage for Drupal8

Please consider this Changed Fields API Drupal 8 usage guidee.

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