Church Community Builder ChMS

This project integrates Drupal with the Church Community Builder Church Management System (ChMS).

It allows you to sync CCB users to your website by creating a Drupal user for every CCB user. You can configure which CCB member types will have a Drupal user created for them and also which CCB member types should be allowed to log on to your website. A unified login means that users can log into the Drupal website using their CCB credentials. On installation, the module adds a number of fields to Drupal users - the ccb user id, a field to tell you if the user is active in ccb, a field to tell you whether the user has 'is private' set in ccb, and a field to tell you when the user was last synced.

The module also provides an 'Events This Week' block which will display all of this week's events that are listed in your public calendar listing.

Within the configuration pages, there is an option to send test API calls to CCB and see the xml printed on screen for you. This will be important if you want to extend or alter this module to suit your needs and want to see the exact form of the xml tree that CCB returns for particular requests.

The module is set up for the specific needs of the website - but the heavy lifting all happens inside a very small function - call_ccb() which takes a service name and parameters and returns a SimpleXML object containing the response from CCB API. It would be very easy to customise this module for your own precise needs and you should think of this module as a starting point unless your use case is exactly what the module provides out of the box.

I didn't discover this site until very recently, but seems to have some good advice for those wanting to strike out on their own. There's also a wordpress module here: which would also provide some good inspiration.

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