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Adds support for alternative calendar systems like Jalali, Iranian, Thai, Hijri, Hebrew, etc to Drupal in an integrated and extensible way and makes it possible to select different calendar system site-wide, per language, per field, per field formater. It also fully supports Views, Date, Webform, locale, i18n (for month,day,week names translation) modules and is integrated with JQuery Calendar module for adding popup date selector. For developers it has multi calendar date API plus a new #calendar_system element for Drupal Form API and several hooks for adding new calendar systems.

For more information regarding plugins and API you may read the README.txt

Interested in Calendar Systems story? then you may like to read this Calendar Systems needs your help


  • Calendar system does not require any core patch to work! however for better integration with Drupal and contributed modules we recommend applying its patch (7.x) #1178342: Allow contributed modules to alter the format_date() function result.
  • Compatible and tested with PHP versions 5.0 , 5.1, 5.2 , 5.3 and 5.4 (7.x)
  • Supports Iranian/Persian , Arabic/Hijri/Islamic, Thai, Gregorian Calendar systems
  • Easy plugin system, supporting new calendar systems can easily be done by the community, more information on README.txt
  • Supports Single language websites
  • Support Drupal's node "authored on" and "admin authored" fields
  • Supports Multi language websites via locale module. Each language can have a different calendar system
  • Compatible with all Drupal standard forms out of the box
  • Views Support including views built-in date filters and contextual filters (arguments) (7.x)
  • Integration with jquery world calendars date picker for popup calendars (7.x)
  • Supports all date module's widgets even when used as views filters or contextual filters (arguments) (7.x)
  • Supports per date field settings (overriding site's default calendar system) (7.x)
  • Supports per date field formater settings (overriding site's default or field settings's calendar system) (7.x)
  • Scheduler module support (If set to use standard text field) (7.x)
  • Webform module support (7.x)
  • API for third party usage (7.x)
  • Translatable date strings (7.x)
  • #calendar_system form element for custom forms

Project's Status ? and important information

UPDATE Match/2013: Most of the new features implemented for Drupal 7 will probably never be back-ported to Drupal 6 unless the community contributes patches

UPDATE November/2012 : Many features planned for version 2 have been implemented on version 7.x-1.x

UPDATE Aguest/2012 : Work on version 2 has started, in this version you can expect much more flexibility , less bugs and better integration with core and third-party modules

UPDATE April/11/2010 : Everyone please welcome @Sepehr Lajevardi our new maintainer and 2.x branch developer. Hopefully we can have a new major release soon, what this module needs is teamwork, don't work alone join us :)

Notice : ALPHA & BETA releases are unstable and are only for test and demonstration purposes , however since i'm using this module myself they're usually usable and you can use it on production website, but please test it properly on your development machine first, don't blame me if anything went wrong :) .

Notice : Drupal 5 is no longer supported however you can download the latest working version here calendar_systems-5.x-1.0-alpha3.tar.gz, if you need support or back-port for Drupal 5 please consider donation.

How can you help ?

If you want to support this project you can report bugs , add link to the implementation of your favorite calendar system in PHP, write patches, or even donate.
more information here (You're welcome to join and participle in this group, we need as much as information as possible about different calendar systems):

Need Support ?

Please use this project's issue queue to submit your support requests.

دوستان هموطن ، لطفا اگر سوال و یا مشکلی دارید از طریق این لینک برای من ارسال کنید البته باید عضو این سایت شده باشید و خواهشا دیگه ایمیل نزنید! بهتره انگلیسی بنویسید که بقیه هم بتونن استفاده کنند ولی اگر انگلیسی نمی تونید بنویسید پارسی بپرسید از نظر من مشکلی نداره.
در ضمن می توانید در گروه کاربران پارسی دروپال به ما بپیوندید Persian Group

Roadmap :

This road-map may change at any time for any reason. It is only here to help provide a clear path for development and those that wish to help or keep track of the modules progress.

Future versions : [View]

Similar Projects

  • Hijri: Hijri module provides support for hijri dates in a very different manner. Support for hijri dates needs to be enabled per content type and node creation and updated times are then shown in hijri for the selected node types. This module does not work with fields.
  • Taarikh: is a field formatter and widget module to display and input hijri dates using the fields defined by the date module. The formatter can work with all the fields defined by the date module, i.e., Date, Date (ISO format) and Date (Unix timestamp). The widget, however, does not work with Date (Unix timestamp)..
  • Datex: will help to create a better multilingual website for
    languages needing a Jalali (Or in near feature of datex, any) calendar instead
    of default Gregorian calendar
  • persiantools: This module is going to cover some basic features required for Persian websites. Fix possible misplaced chars in mixed Persian and English texts, Find a way to fix Calendar, Convert English numbers to Persian numbers, Fix sort issues for persian characters.


This project is sponsored by Practicalidea

Development of 7.x-2.0-alpha1 was sponsered by Alawares

Supporting organizations: 
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