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Datex Date localization API

Datex, What's it do?

Datex and related module will help to create a better multilingual website for
languages needing a Jalali (Or in near feature of datex, any) calendar instead
of default Gregorian calendar.

  • datex API: is the base module, And used by other modules to localize dates. On it's own, It would do nothing. It has API related to converting and calculating dates of different calendars.
  • datex: When enabled, Will convert all dates to Jalali before display in page.
  • datex_date For Jalali support in date module, This module should be enabled It supports "views" too. Now it happens in datex itself.
  • datex_popup: If you want to have date_popup localized, You should enable this.

Since there is not a good "hook" in Drupal's core to alter dates and their
format, Some extra effort is needed to get "datex" module working. datex_date
will work out of the box though. There are two methods available, patching mode and non-patching mode.
Keep in mind that hacking core is a very bad practice, So decide for yourself.


See the README.txt file in module's folder.


  • Support of Date
  • Support of Views
  • Enabling datex per site language.
  • Per date field configuration, Widget, Display formatter, And views separately.
  • Supports PHP version up to 5.4.x
  • Utilizes PHP-Intl If available, If not, It will handle dates by itself.
  • Localization of date without patching core.
  • Localized popup calendar.
  • Localized date tokens.

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