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Get started building with Drupal fast.

Build Kit is a basic distribution meant to capture elements that are generally useful and make building Drupal sites and Drupal distributions easier.

Build Kit helps site builders

  • use install profiles and drush make for defining projects
  • manage the dev > staging > live workflow problem using Features and exportables
  • keep track of important upstream patches that are critical to Drupal distributions


In addition to the standard Drupal requirements you will need the following to make use of Build Kit:

Getting started (7.x)

  1. Use drush to download Build Kit

    $ drush dl buildkit
  2. Choose the "Build Kit" install profile when installing Drupal

Extending Build Kit

The Build Kit documentation includes information on extending Build Kit.

The Simple project provides a good example of a Drupal distribution extending Build Kit.

Looking for Kit?

If you are looking for best practices for building Features try Kit.

Projects using Build Kit

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