If your site is designed around utilizing background images, then this module is for you! Whether you need a surgical implementation that only administrators/developers can implement or provide the ability to allow users to attach their own background images to entities, this module has you covered.


There is an highly detailed blog post dedicated to the installation of this module:


  • PHP >= 5.6.0
  • Drupal core >= 8.4.0

Soft Dependencies

  • Inline Entity Form - Currently required if you wish to embed the background image form on other entities.

Recommended Modules

The following are a list of additional modules that you may find useful when working with this module:

  • Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation - Useful for minimizing the generated CSS for each background image.
  • ImageMagick - Useful in cases where PHP memory limits bug out due to large image processing.
  • Image Style Quality - Useful for further optimizing the preload background image style quality (recommend configuring somewhere around 30%)
  • Image Optimize - Useful for further optimizing all background images (progressive loading)
  • Token - Provides a way to view which tokens are available to use when adding overlay text for a background image.
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