Allows to use ImageMagick as image toolkit for Image API in Drupal 7 core.


  • ImageMagick needs to be installed on your server and the convert binary needs to be accessible and executable from PHP.
  • The PHP configuration must allow invocation of proc_open() (which is security-wise identical to exec()).

Consult your server administrator or hosting provider if you are unsure about these requirements.

Note: GraphicsMagick, a performance fork of ImageMagick (like Pressflow to Drupal) should work as well. Just replace the convert executable with gm in the image toolkit settings.

Installation and configuration

  • Install as usual, see for further information.
  • Go to Administration » Configuration » Media » Image toolkit and change the image toolkit to ImageMagick.
  • If the convert binary cannot be found in the default shell path, you need to enter the full path to ImageMagick's convert executable, including the filename itself.

Current maintainers

Previous maintainers

ImageMagick integration for Drupal evolved through many different projects and developers in the past, and most of the code wouldn't exist without the efforts of:

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