The ajax loader module provides you alternatives to the default drupal core ajax throbber. When this module is configured, it overrides the default drupal throbber.
(the custom throbbers are pure CSS)


See the README.txt file for detailed installation instructions.


  • You can style the existing throbber to your own needs
  • You can add your own ajax loaders/throbbers (see README & api files)

Other modules

This module has similar functionality to Ajax throbber. The way it differs is:

  • This module allows you to add custom throbbers
  • It overrides the core drupal ajax loader, it doesn't add another on top of it
  • This module is less configurable via UI (colors, backgrounds,..)

Perfect solution: merge these 2 modules into 1 module, but at this point in time I haven't been able to get a hold on the module owner.


Thanks to for providing us with awesome CSS3 loader examples!


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