mschudders ajax throbber fading circle
mschudders ajax throbber circle (loading)
mschudders ajax throbber three dots

Displays an Ajax throbber in an overlay on every ajax request.
For example on views, facetapi, custom javascript, ...

So user interaction will be blocked until the request is completed.

So this is not tied to one component like views or webforms.
But usable for everything.

The animation of the throbber + overlay is all CSS


Choice between:

  1. circle
  2. three_dots
  3. square
  4. fading_circle

RGBA colors

Overlay color

variable_set('ajax_throbber_bg_color', '255,255,255, .8');

Item color (Throbber)

variable_set('ajax_throbber_item_color', '0, 174, 239, .8');

How to ?

  1. Via the settings page <= Recommended
  2. Via command line drush (drush vset 'ajax_...' '0,0,222, 0.8'
  3. Via hooks or functions in Drupal: variable_set('...')
  4. via settings.php file :
    • $conf['ajax_throbber_selection'] = 'three_dots';
    • $conf['ajax_throbber_bg_color'] = '0,0,0, 0.75';
    • $conf['ajax_throbber_item_color'] = '255,255,255, 0.8';

Latest DEV

You can configure this module on : "admin/config/user-interface/ajax_throbber"

This will allow you to exclude paths.

Project Information