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This module provide integration with Varnish reverse proxy server for Drupal 8. Main feature of this module is providing support of varnish caching for authenticated users.

Varnish support out of the box.
All you need is to install this module use default.vcl from this module and fill connection settings for varnish terminal.

Cache for anonymous users.
Just set desired TTL in varnish settings and it will works, cache invalidation will happens automatically and depends on new Drupal 8 cache system with tags support.

Cache for authenticated users.
The same as for anonymous users just fill the TTL and Varnish will start to cache pages for authenticated users based on PER ROLE option. We all knows that page for authenticated users can contain user-specific content and we care about this. For each user-specific block you can choose to use ESI cache on PER-ROLE or PER-USER basis so each user will get proper content on the page.

Per Entity Cache settings.
You can select TTL on per entity (bundle) settings. This module supports basic entity types out of the box (node and taxonomy terms) but you can easily add support for any custom entity type all you need is to create small plugin and we will care of all other things for you.

Cache invalidation.
We use tags to control each page state, so if any entity which presents on page would be changed in Drupal, cache in Varnish would be invalidate immediately. Module support Drupal 8 cache system and use all available cache metadata so you can easy add required tags for any page that you want.

Panels support.
Support for panels module added. Now you can set required TTL for each page (display variant) via panels UI as part of other display settings.

Automatic deflate process.
User can initiate deflate process which will invalidate varnish cache carefully, you can select how much cached info should be cleared per cron run. So in this case you can avoid full varnish cache clear at once and manage server load more accurate.

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