I would love to see an Aloha Editor module for Drupal 6. Aloha Editor is an HTML5-based editor at http://aloha-editor.com/


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Definitely agree with archer here, if this could work with wysiwyg module it would be awesome, lightweight and dead simple!

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... and it's awesome. I'd love to see this implemented in WYSIWYG :)

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Can't wait when it would be at least alpha-version plugin - not only proof-of-concept - so I could help testing it.

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+1 and subscribe -- And heck, if not D6 then D7 for sure! :-)

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Great to read that people are interested in the integration of Aloha in Drupal - You can now start checking out the documentation area and create your own Aloha Editor plugins which you can use (hopefully) in Drupal soon :).

Aloha, kms

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hi ./* : )

just a short notice about an up and running inline frontend content edit demo of http://aloha-editor.com & drupal 7 -- http://lolcathost/aloha-for-drupal7/


it's a hand-knitted d7 module. not at all perfect yet. after 3-4 hours. will publish a D6 + D7 better version soon.

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Hey, do you have any code I could try?

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Rene did a first step for Aloha Editor integration into drupal v7. Well done, Rene! http://twitter.com/rene_kapusta/statuses/21015601518


UPDATE: funny - didn’t see your entry before login in and was then direct in the Edit comment dialog ;)

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