jensimmons’s picture

There's been a lot of interest in a back-port. I don't plan on dedicating the time to do such a thing, because I want to make sure I do a good job of shepherding Bartik through the next steps of the D7 process. If someone is interested in a back-port, and has the skills to code a theme, and the time to see it through, then let me know. This issue is a good place to talk about that.

jensimmons’s picture


kaasi’s picture

Hi, i'm interested in doing the port for D6, I have time and I have experience in creating themes for Drupal 6....

mrsinguyen’s picture

yes, i'm interested in this theme. +1 vote fa backport to D6.

Pomliane’s picture

Also interested.
I haven't a lot of time and only a rudimentary experience in creating themes for D6, but would be happy to contribute to this backport

light9’s picture


lpalgarvio’s picture

+1 good idea :)

Chris Charlton’s picture

The CSS and Templates have styles and variables that will need renaming, and I suggest any areas that can't be recreated in D6 right away can be left in the backlog of to-do's so we can get a dev build up. Luckily there are no D7 specific templates (yet) like html.tpl.php, so the templates should be an easy port and may just need variable and DIV renaming plus adding some regions that turned into Blocks in D7.

The Color module integration is doable but some function calls are not available in D6 like _color_html_alter(), and those will be the immediate missing portions that we may be able to live with for a couple of months.

Danny Englander’s picture


Wolfflow’s picture

yes, i'm interested in this theme. +1 vote fa backport to D6.

ktleow’s picture

I'm using it for my Drupal 6 site at

Basically its a complete rewrite myself, but the entire look and feel is the same.

Not sure if this can be contributed here, because of the different techniques used.

lpalgarvio’s picture

post the code and we will take a look :P

Josh The Geek’s picture

Agreed. Your blog looks awesome!
Bartik is my favorite theme yet, but I am not ready to move the D7 just for a theme. Thanks!

ktleow’s picture

47.26 KB

Here you go guys, as requested

Uploading my modified Bartik theme for Drupal 6.

What do you think? Commit here? :P

PS: Added dropdown menus to this mod version. 3 columns layout based on 960 - 16 columns grid.

Live demo at

Josh The Geek’s picture


Wolfflow’s picture


Tested: looks great: many thanks. looking to report further (feature, request, bugs etc.) Awesome!

ktleow’s picture

@joshthegeek, Wolfflow

Thank you very much :)

Danny Englander’s picture

Just tested on a D6 site, this is really nice. @ktleow, thanks!

lpalgarvio’s picture

not perfect, but good enough :)

thanks, great job!

bartik + seven + admin_theme + admin_menu = sweetness =P

ktleow’s picture

Thanks for trying it out :)

Yes I think its currently missing the Color module integration, besides that... Not sure of other features the original Bartik has.
Since I'm using 960 grid system, changing to fluid layout should be pretty easy too.

lpalgarvio’s picture

oh, i was meaning the visual comparison, side-by-side, of bartik D6 and bartik D7.
feature wise i don't have enough information to say what is missing or not
but i think they are pretty close ^^

fluid layout would be a good idea, to follow the lines of the other default themes.

ktleow’s picture

thanks LPCA :)

am still awaiting reply from the author of bartik.

ktleow’s picture

48.84 KB

Sorry I don't know any of any other place to post this.

This is updated version of Drupal 6 backport (rewrite) of Bartik.

Fixed minor bug and added fluid width layout support.

Wolfflow’s picture

Hi @ktleow , it's ok for now, but I may suggest you that if you do not have yet a cvs account with your project you may edit a new issue asking the authors of Bartik to open a cvs branch for you and assign you as contributor. So we all can contribute further for this awesome project.

I may explained this not correctly because I my self do not have yet any experience in managing a Theme CVS account on someone more competent can correct me.
Again Thanks for sharing.

alexkb’s picture

Thanks for backporting this great theme.

One issue I had was when using wysiwyg and the rich text editor: TinyMCE. It seemed that the rich text areas on edit forms was the same dark grey background colour as the footer.

It was fixed by adding the following to bartik's style.css:

body.nodepicker {
background: #FFF;
font-size: 0.8em;
text-align: left;

Also had to replace:

body {
  background: #222;


body {
  background: #222;

Not sure if there was a better way of doing this fix - perhaps so it applies to all rich text editors used by wysiwyg.

alexkb’s picture

Be good to also style things like the mission div too.

Is there some talk going on behind the scenes to make ktleow's backport a 6.x-dev release? I'd be happy to help manage the issue queue for this.

jensimmons’s picture

What's this talk about forking the project? I'm confused. This is the right place to put code for a Drupal 6 version of Bartik. We are focusing on Drupal 7 first. I do not want to release Bartik for D6 before D7 is out.

Also, from what I've seen so far of the themes above, you redid all the typography into Arial. The D6 version should have the same design, right down to the typography as Bartik for D7. If you want to design a different theme, with different typography and a different look and a different name, that's cool. But if the intention is to make a D6 version of Bartik, then it should be the same as the D7 version, not altered.

lpalgarvio’s picture

i will agree with the above comment, regarding, design and typography.
the D6 and D7 versions should be as close as possible.
that also means that if something is made better on D6 version, the D7 version should fetch those new ideas and implement them, and in turn, Bartik in D7 core; and vice-versa would also be valid.
but i will leave the design and such to who knows best.

i also agree that this is the place for both versions, but a 6.x branch should be opened now, in the cvs, svn or git, whichever the author prefers.

last, i think that D6 version has nothing to do with the release cycle of D7, and should be developed at the same time. it shouldn't be too hard to make changes on both versions at same time, once the code is similar enough between the two.

i will also point the fact that this Bartik experimental port for D6, is already implemented on several test sites i'm developing, plus 1 production site, and i'm also recommending it to other developers, because it already is stable enough and close enough to the D7 version, from a perspective of daily usage (i didn't compared codewise yet).
there is interest in the theme and it shouldn't have to be put on a hiatus because of D7.

Amir Simantov’s picture


Added these lines in the end of style.css

#header #site-slogan,
.ui-widget {
font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
#site-name-and-slogan, #site-name-and-slogan a {
font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

ilo’s picture

jensimmons, it is ok for all if you want that backport must be as close as d7 as possible, but creating the d6 branch and letting others provide code+patches while you focus on the D7 version must not be an stopper (IMHO). I'd like to use this theme also in an D6 site.

By the way, thanks jensimmons for this greate theme, it is awesome :)

Jacine’s picture

It would be great if you guys would help get the Drupal 7 version up to snuff before doing this.

This is painful to watch when there is still a lot left to do there.

TheDoctor’s picture

+1 to 31; Subscribing.

averiz’s picture


lpalgarvio’s picture

in bartik D6:
background or foregorund color needs to change in the bottom when devel is outputting

maybe create a zone specifically for that, that changes either the text color of devel to whitish, or the background to whitish.

jensimmons’s picture

One thing to note, Bartik for D6 will not be able to have the same color module options that Bartik for D7 has. A lot of changes went into Drupal 7 in order to allow Bartik to change more colors than the five that Garland allows. This will have to be thought through — perhaps it's best to just remove all of the color module stuff for the D6 version, and not have different colors.

And I agree with Jacine's comment in #31. Please, everyone with skills to help make a port of Bartik to D6 help fix D7 bugs instead.

I will not be committing any version 6 code into this repo until after Drupal 7 comes out.

lpalgarvio’s picture

interesting issue here:

Pomliane’s picture

Danny Englander’s picture

Title: D6 port? » D6 port for Bartik?

Changing title to make this easier to track on profile / posts page.

browlands’s picture


browlands’s picture

fluid width layout support - where is this function?

Todd Zebert’s picture


cuijinlin’s picture


ayalsule’s picture


jensimmons’s picture

Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)
lpalgarvio’s picture

to change the font on administration menu:

/* Administration Menu */
#admin-menu {
  font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;
  font-size: 13px;
  line-height: 20px;
mschuyler’s picture


Michael3185’s picture

Component: Miscellaneous » Look and Feel

I realise these posts are from late 2010, but having just installed and modified @ktleow's D6 Bartik port I guessed it might be worth sharing some thoughts.

Regarding the typography, I'm sure @jensimmons worked hard on that. Typography is a delicate and skilled art, and to dump it and go for Arial is, well, urgh... I've copied the font-family css from Bartik to this D6 clone, and all looks ok again.

I think this is a great effort @ktleow, though am sad to see that it has very few block regions, eg., the footer 3 section would have been useful.

Regarding @jensimmons' call to leave this and test D7; I had a bad time recently (Feb. 2011) with D7 as while it's lovely in itself, too many add-on modules aren't ported yet, or are but don't work properly. Basically, I 'lost' a week's work struggling to get some site features working in D7, and have now reverted to D6. I doubt I'll consider D7 again for maybe 6 to 12 months. Just saying.

All in all, superb work folks, and please do continue in the knowledge that it's very much appreciated out here in the techno-boonies.

sylvain_a’s picture

I agree that a backport is useful, and that it should stick to the original version. I will see what I can do to contribute to this.

jensimmons’s picture

I have some thoughts.

The code above in comment 14 isn't Bartik. It's similar, but since the people who worked on it decided to "redesign" things about it (changing the fonts, removing regions), it's not Bartik anymore. I won't ever release a version of Bartik that's not Bartik. Anyone else is welcome to use the Bartik code-base to create their own theme, and release that under a different name... that's the beauty of the GPL. But please do not confuse that with the real Bartik theme. (Or confuse other people! Change it a lot so it looks very different. )

But here's the bigger news.

For a while last year I was open to a D6 backport of Bartik (a true backport), and said so above. I did not want to release such a theme before Drupal 7 came out however; Bartik was created for D7, and I wanted it to premiere with D7. When Drupal 7 came out, I realized, ok, let me think about this D6 version some more — and I decided that I do not want to release a Drupal 6 version of Bartik. Ever. There are several reason for this.

First of all, a D6 version of Bartik will not have all the features that Bartik does. It's impossible technically. We changed color module quite a lot to make it possible for Bartik to change all of the colors that it does — and that ability does not exist in Drupal 6. Also, Bartik is built on top of Drupal 7's tpls files — which are much better than D6's, and a backport to D6 that uses Drupal 6's tpls will just simply be not a very good theme at all.

Second, Bartik was designed from the beginning to be the default theme for Drupal 7. It's look and feel, the branding of it — it's all for Drupal 7. I don't want people building Drupal 6 sites and putting the new Bartik look and feel on it. Garland was new for Drupal 5, and it was never backported to Drupal 4.7. It was turned into a WordPress theme, which angered a lot of people. Suddenly people were building WordPress sites that looked like Drupal. This feels a bit like that to me. People will build Drupal 6 websites that look like they are Drupal 7 websites. I think Bartik should mean Drupal 7, and things shouldn't get confused.

Now I'm sure some people won't be happy with this decision. I understand if you simply want to build a website for yourself, and don't want to use D7 yet... and you are excited about Bartik & want it now now now! I hope you can understand my larger concern about how releasing a D6 version (of lessor quality, with fewer features) would affect the bigger picture, and can honor my desire to keep Bartik for Drupal 7 only.

So... bottom line, as the person who designed and coded Bartik, I am saying no. We won't be releasing a Bartik theme for Drupal 6. That's why I closed this issue in comment #44.

Anyone who was interested in helping out with a backport — I encourage you to help out with other themes, or design and create your own.

Wolfflow’s picture

@jensimmons, agree fully about your thoughts. "We" should (funs of the Bartik 6 port) really consider to decide a new name for this theme and change the design at list so far to be not confused with Bartik D7. (i.e by first install have simply a different color).

roball’s picture

Suggestion for a D6 port name: "Not Bartik" ;-)

Todd Zebert’s picture

How about Bartnot?

Niklas Fiekas’s picture


jensimmons’s picture

I didn't mean above for you all to come up with a novelty name that sounds like Bartik, and then release a theme that looks sort of like it. I meant go make a whole other theme that looks totally different and give it it's own name! For example, Acquia's new website is a theme based on Bartik:, but you would never know if from looking at it.

Wolfflow’s picture

@jensimmons by all respect, but considering that we are just starting to discuss to agree on a simple name, and of course we should respect your wish not to have any almost evident synonyms that may recall easily the origin of this theme, we will for sure try to agree on a theme name and theme structured on Bartik 7 but keep the choice for anyone, if wished to reproduce the layout and colours of the Bartik 7 Theme at list inside a future Theme project as a sub theme perhaps.

For sure there is nothing evil in wanting and desire to have a Drupal version 6 project reproducing just fro the design a Bartik Drupal 7 Theme Site. It's Drupal, it's cool and rock's so I hope we will find a good name and finally find someone of us that would like to file the new Theme on Drupal git as to let enjoy other if they want and like to use it, to contribute and spread.

lpalgarvio’s picture

jen, whats the point of asking for a D6 Bartik theme, if it's not going to be any similar?????
this is ridiculous. too much fundamentalism :(

garland has a D5, D6, and D7 version, and seven has a D6 and D7 version.
does that take away the originality of said themes or said drupal versions? no.
think of users and developers! it's to ease transitions, development and comparisons, among others things.

not a steal! no one is robbing you of your work or forgetting the credits. in fact, every time i or others speak of Bartik mod or D6 Bartik, we speak of a port of D7 Bartik theme - that's automatically giving you credit.

please, someone open a git project, with a new D6 bartik-alike, different name. or i'll do it myself.
suggestions: Barton, Bartok, Bartan, Bartor (from bart + gabor), Bart, Bartling, Barkit (tik reversed).

Wolfflow’s picture

What about: THANBART? @LPCA +1 :-)

Wolfflow’s picture

After sleeping on @LPCA suggestions
I would give my vote to:
+1 -> BARTOR

Wolfflow’s picture

Issue tags: +bartik_mod
93.96 KB

Just want to ask if any of you have seen -> XSL BARTIK and what you think about.

Nothing new on someone that is ready for commit Bartik_mod Theme with a new Name?

Do you all agree on using BARTOR?

I just will contribute with a custom adaptation of the original Bartik_mod Theme that is not complete yet but it could need your help for doing better: see attachment:

lpalgarvio’s picture

bartor is fine by me.
go ahead, publish the theme.

will check xsl bartik.

Wolfflow’s picture

Issue tags: +BARTOR

Hi Luís, I am interested to publish the theme on but will need some feedback from other user of this post to go further.

Second I propose to build a "BARTOR" version that will contain the BARTIK looking theme as main Theme and add a sub theme looking as the modification of the barti_mod theme(#23) I provide in #59.

Third I will also need support to clean and test theme as to fix the missing region of BARTIK-D7:

  1. regions[help] = Help
  2. regions[page_top] = Page top
  3. regions[page_bottom] = Page bottom

  4. regions[triptych_first] = Triptych first
  5. regions[triptych_middle] = Triptych middle
  6. regions[triptych_last] = Triptych last

  7. regions[footer_firstcolumn] = Footer first column
  8. regions[footer_secondcolumn] = Footer second column
  9. regions[footer_thirdcolumn] = Footer third column
  10. regions[footer_fourthcolumn] = Footer fourth column

Of course we will not need to have the first three (1.2.3.) but would be good if we will try to have the 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Meanwhile I posted my barti_mod modified version HERE


lpalgarvio’s picture

will test ASAP.

lpalgarvio’s picture

did not work well for me

bartik_mod-6.x-1.01.tar_.gz 48.84 KB
by ktleow still works good

rhia05’s picture

Category: feature » support
Priority: Normal » Major
Status: Closed (won't fix) » Needs work

i am a newbie in drupal n love the bartik theme so m using the modified bartik(great job btw :-) for my drupal 6 website, but the problem is>> it doesnt have the color scheme and when i upload my logo it doesnt reflect on my side. Please help!!!!

lpalgarvio’s picture

Category: support » feature
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Needs work » Closed (won't fix)

oh rhia05, i'm sorry, we don't have a support queue yet.
the D6 bartik mod is moving out to another project.
keep an eye on this issue to know when that happens

BeaPower’s picture

Thanks #14 works for drupal 6

jensimmons’s picture

rhia05 — I'm glad you like Bartik. It's very unlikely a D6 version will ever have the same kind of color support that Bartik in D7 has. We made a lot of changes to how color module works in Drupal 7 in order to be able to do what we did with Bartik. You can change the colors yourself by editing the CSS. Or, better, use Drupal 7! There are a lot of great improvements in the D7 version. Many of us (including everyone I work with) have switched over and build all our new sites on the new version.