Update: The guide located at http://planningdrupalsites.com is now a book - Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites, available at http://tinyurl.com/6zdlxwf

What this book covers

Part 1: Planning your Website

Chapter 1: Introduction to Drupal and Planning provides a quick introduction Drupal, an overview of a site’s lifecycle, and where planning fits in.

Chapter 2: Managing Open Source Projects provides insights into various development methodologies and management practices you might find use on a Drupal project.

Chapter 3: Conducting a Needs Analysis goes beyond asking the question “Do I need a site?” and identifies the purpose of your site and how your competitors might influence how you proceed.

Chapter 4: Collecting Requirements offers a series of analyses designed to facilitate the identification and analysis of what your site needs to meet its purpose.

Chapter 5: Creating a Design Plan provides a process for translating your requirements into a visual representation of your site.

Part 2: Building and Sustaining your Website

Chapter 6: Planning Development offers a process to identify a development solution that meets your specific requirements and design.

Chapter 7: Coordinating Implementation covers site launch and more. It covers many of the non-development tasks that should be considered for a successful site launch.

Chapter 8: Sustaining the Site explores both routine and planned maintenance for your Drupal site as well as site management tasks that support your site’s users.

Part 3: Sample Site

Chapter 9: A Sample Plan puts into practice the analyses and tasks presented in chapters 3 through 5.

Chapter 10: Sample Build Recipe creates a development plan and Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 module recipe that can be used to build the site defined in chapter 9. It also describes the how the site will be implemented and sustained.


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I just found this page, so I am not sure what the page the link it send you do use to be like, but now the "online guide" is the first paragraph of each section of the book. So, the online guide is no longer a guide it is a teaser to get you to buy the book. Which now makes this page advertisement for the book in my opinion.