Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x, by George Papadongonas and Yiannis Doxaras, is a new title from Packt Publishing. It is aimed at business owners and ordinary Drupal users without development expertise who want to create, administer and design their own online shop. This is the first title that deals with Ubercart 2.x, providing non-technical users with information about how to sell shippable goods, downloadable products, recurring memberships, and event tickets, as well as enable other complex interactions using various contributed Drupal modules. As a reader of drupal.org, you can receive a 15% or 20% discount (see below) and benefit the Drupal Association!

Some of what you will learn

  • Create a powerful e-shop using the award-winning CMS Drupal and the robust e-commerce module Ubercart
  • Create and manage the product catalog and insert products in manual or batch mode
  • Apply SEO (search engine optimization) to your e-shop and adopt turn-key Internet marketing techniques
  • Implement advanced techniques like cross-selling, product comparison, coupon codes, and segmented pricing
  • A step-by-step tutorial with an example-oriented approach and many screenshots to seamlessly guide you through the book

About the book

A practical guide to building and customizing a fully functional E-store with Ubercart and Drupal.

This book guides you through the process of creating, administrating and marketing an online store, providing information and tips for raising your sales and your customer support. It will also show you how to maintain and add advanced capabilities to your company's e-shop.

If you are a merchant wanting to invest your precious time to update the online presence of your company, or a web site designer wanting to expand your business and offer innovative solutions to your clients, this book is written for you. You don't need any programming experience to install and customize your online store. The procedure is well structured and easy and all we ask you to do is to follow some simple steps in order to complete some specific tasks in each chapter. The book will guide you through the installation and configuration of Drupal and Ubercart. From there it covers specific areas like managing orders, as well as customizing the front-end and user interface. At the end it covers advanced topics like Internet marketing techniques and search engine optimization.

When you reach the end of the book, not only will you have a working store, but you'll also have obtained the knowledge required to customize it to your specific needs.

Get 15% or 20% off!

We have secured an exclusive 15% discount for the print version and 20% for the eBook when you buy through PacktPub.com. Just enter the discount codes DrupalEcom15 (for the print version) or DrupalEcomeBook (for the ebook), to the shopping cart. As with all of Packt’s Drupal books, Packt will be donating a percentage of its sales to the Drupal Association.

About the authors

George Papadongonas (infowonders) is the owner of a small web development firm located in Athens, Greece. He started his career as a freelancer web developer in 2000 and works with small and medium-size enterprises. He has experience in many development platforms, but fell in love with Drupal in 2007 and with Ubercart in 2008. He is a member of the Drupal Association and an active supporter of the open source community.

Yiannis Doxaras has studied theoretical physics at University of Athens and University of Cambridge. Yiannis is an active contributor to various open source projects using Java, Python and PHP technologies. He is a serial entrepreneur and innovation broker in Greece and the Balkans.


rszrama’s picture

Congratulations, guys. It'll be interesting to see someone else's take on setting things up for a change. : )

gpapadongonas’s picture

Thanks Ryan, we are very grateful for your work on Ubercart.

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I purchased my first drupal book 1 year ago. I can't wait to read the reviews on this one.

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It's so great to finally see a book for Ubercart! Congrats!

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Ubercart has never been on my preferred ecommerce solution. I regarded it as not having a user friendly and rather long winded setup process.

Hope this book will change all that. Anyway, that was a very good contribution to the community. Keep it up.

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I found that the discount code of ebook is not work

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same here...

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I just bought the ebook and tried to "add promotion code" which did not do anything to the price. Then I tried to "update cart" and the promotion code did get used to reduce the price.

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It's strange. NOT work for me.

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Hey guys, sorry for this. I've already talked with Packt and the discount code will be OK soon.
Thanks for reporting the problem.

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It still does not work... I'll try to buy it tomorrow again.

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Any update on the coupon situation??

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Finally a book on ubercart. That is amazing guys.
Regarding internet marketing techniques which often incorporates buying traffic for your website it is wise to use some cool analysis tool (aka Tsuiseki) which integrates well with drupal to optimize your traffic and detect click fraud.
The mentioned system is going online within the next two weeks or so and a drupal module will be released for it.

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Συγχαρητήρια παιδιά! Να είστε καλά!

Congrats guys!

... Morpheus: What is "real"? How do you define "real"? If you 're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain...

gpapadongonas’s picture

Thanks, are you coming to Drupalcamp Athens next week?

GoofyX’s picture

No, sorry. Family stuff.

... Morpheus: What is "real"? How do you define "real"? If you 're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then "real" is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain...

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Congratulations George, eshops waiting for you

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Putting this boot out itself means a lot to Drupal lovers. Great effort.


gpapadongonas’s picture

Thanks Roshan, we're waiting for your feedback.

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does this book have any info on ubercart market place. Is there any plans for any books on mp?

gpapadongonas’s picture

You'll find an article on ubercart marketplace on the book's accompanying web site (coming soon).

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Purchased, printing and and building a drupal/ubercart sore store....

also discount was already 15% and promo code did not work for ebook version anyway.

Regardless way to go writing the book


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sites comes up blank

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Site seems to be OK now

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yes, now works. Bought and downloaded.

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Hey Ryan you guys rock! great to see a book on Ubercart now!

-- Sree --
IRC Nick: sreeveturi

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Ah, a book for the advanced hobbyist. Something to look into.

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Packt no work. no buy can :-(

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The site seems to be OK now.

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Dear George Papadongonas and Yiannis Doxaras thanks for "Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x" It is for NON-TECHNICAL users but what about technical one?

gpapadongonas’s picture

The book begins from very basic topics like how to install Drupal and Ubercart , how to add modules etc. As we proceed through the chapters, we try to explain more complex topics like CRM, cross-selling, or SEO. It is the first book about Ubercart, so it's not devoted only to advanced users. We'll try to cover more advanced topics on the book's accompanying web site (coming soon).

sunward’s picture

it is technical enough for the person installing the 2 software packages.

Went through it last night and it was well done. Picked up a lot of tips. As I install the software today, I will have the book with me.

gpapadongonas’s picture

Thanks Angelo. We're waiting for your feedback after you finish the book.

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I can say that this was one of the most awaited books. It is great to see that our work is paying off in a good way. It was awesome to work with you guys (George and Doxaras). You just need to buy the book once and I bet you guys will fall in love with it.

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I can't seem to get the code to work either?

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The discount code works now. Users must ensure they are logged into their PacktPub account for the discount code to work.

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I'd just like to chime in and say that the 15% promo code didn't work for me either. As it was, the book was already 10% off, so that's not too bad.

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Been Rails-confined for a couple of years and have developed e-commerce shops that are pretty fast with ActiveMerchant but I still see Drupal & Ubercart as good open source option for e-commerce projects. I think it's just Chapter 9 that I don't know much about. Hope to get that book soon.

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Fantastic Ubercart was going to be my next Drupal project!! BTW Amazon has it cheaper!!

gpapadongonas’s picture

The book's website is http://www.drupalubercartbook.com/ . We'll upload new articles, tutorials and presentations soon.

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Funny thing about the ebook discount, though.

It's priced at $31.99 and has a 'Packt Special Offer' of 15% which brings the price down to $27.19. However, when you add it to the cart, a Tax/VAT of 17.5% gets slapped and the price is now $31.95. In other words, almost the same as the original price before the special offer!

And, the coupon code never gets added how many ever times one tries. It did get added when I logged in, so does it need an account? Then, why have the coupon code field for anonymous users anyway?

Enough confusion there to make me back out of my order.

gpapadongonas’s picture

Hi there,
I'm sorry about the problems that you've encountered, while trying to buy the ebook.
It seems that the original price is prior to VAT, so the original price including VAT is $37.59. Don't forget that VAT does not apply in all countries.
The special coupon works for registered users.
All I can do is send your feedback to Packt, I guess it will help them to improve the UI in the future.

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Thank you and good luck with your book.

I am marking this OT as I don't wish to divert the discussion away from your book.

It would be good if Packt clean up their cart system, but, going by past experience, I doubt it. For example, they will send you promotional offers for a set of books, but won't let you order all those books in one go. Instead, you will have to order each one separately because their cart system won't calculate prices correctly if promo codes are entered for multiple prodcuts in one go.

If you bring it to their notice, they will acknowledge it but won't fix it. I was miffed enough with their attitude that I didn't avail of their promo offers. Why should I go through the hassle of ordering 6 or 7 books separately if they're so lazy and careless that they can't fix their cart to accept promo codes for multiple products at the same time?

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Ένα μεγάλο Μπράβο στους συγγραφείς και ελπίζουμε να συνεχίσετε την παράδοση γράφοντας ακόμα ένα σε μερικά χρόνια!

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Google gives me...

"A big Congratulations to the authors and hope to continue the tradition of writing even one a few years!"

~silverwing - with a little google translate help :)

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thanks for book been following through however cant find any source code which was not too bad untill needed images for chapter 4 Managing Categories,Products, and Attributes? could you please email the images.

thanks for your attention

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Ciao Marco, grazie mille!

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I'd be interested in this book for the Hotel Bookings section. I'm hesitant because it's not a full chapter - just "apendix a". And I can't go look at it locally. Can anyone comment on this section - is it a working solution, or merely suggestions?

sunward’s picture

goes through setting up a hotel. More than just suggestions.

criznach’s picture

Thanks! Does it use uc_hotel, or something else?

sunward’s picture

yes, uc_hotel

sunward’s picture

I have had this book a while now and wanted to give my final review.

Overall, I am happy with the book. I wish it was out earlier as I transferred my site to Drupal/ubercart from Dreamweaver just when this book came out.

This the first book on both Drupal and Ubercart that I have seen. More on using the two systems and expanding on the store would be better. I would recommend more coverage of XAMPP, which I am now using, more on backing up the site, more in depth examples, and more using the finer points of ubercart. As there are no other books like this, it could of easily gotten into more detail and be more technical.

It has been useful. A lot of good points and ideas. My main reference book and still being used as I add more features to my site.

figs’s picture

Just bought the electronic version and had a skim through it. I'm a beginner but I know some of this stuff already. It's great to have this book fill in the knowledge gaps and provide confidence even with stuff I feel I already know. Thanks!