I suddenly have a problem saving changes to any permission settings!

The Problem:
If I go to 'admin/user/permissions' and check/uncheck a permissions box for any role/module and then click the Save permissions button, the site acts like it implements the changes I made and reloads the page.

BUT after I click the button and the Configure Permissions page reloads, there is no message saying the permissions were updated and indeed, any boxes I had checked/unchecked did not save when I hit the save button.

What I have tried to fix it:
I have tried clearing the cache, rebuilding permissions, running cron, uninstalling the latest module I installed (contemplate). Even my ultimate admin account (user #1) cannot save any permissions. I can access all of my content, create new nodes, enable new modules, etc. I just can't change any permissions!

Even though my host has 128M of PHP Memory, just to make sure I wasn't running out of memory I disabled a few memory hungry modules. This didn't help.

I have dblog enabled and looked for any errors... and I didnt' see anything.

I have scoured the support forums and googled like a crazy person, and I have not found a problem quite like this.

Possible Cause?
I did just recently move to a new host that has FFMPEG and more PHP memory. The moving process went mostly smooth, the only hiccup was WSODs due to whitespace at the end of template.php. Perhaps this new permissions problem is due to the recent move?

My only idea to fix it (as a last resort)
I am thinking of deleting the new database and all of the files on my host and reload them from my backups. I would prefer not to do this, however! I don't know if the problem could still persist. Maybe the problem is not my drupal db/files but somehow on my hosts end?

I would definitely appreciate any insights into fixing this problem!


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check with your host and see if they have limits on $POST whether accidental or on purpose.


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Thanks I sent in a ticket and we'll see if that fixes it. I'll give an update later when I have one and hopefully this thread can help someone else somday :)

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Got word back from my host and said they increased the $POST limit in php.ini and no luck.

I tried clearing my cache hoping that maybe drupal just hadn't picked up the change yet.

Any other ideas I can try?

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check your drupal logs for any errors that may lead to clues.

if required enable error reporting in index.php so that errors get printed to the screen if any.

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I think error reporting is off, I will enable it when I get home and see what I can find.

Thanks a lot for the helpful input! I do appreciate it.

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I enabled error reporting and it was telling me nothing.

I opted to just start from scratch. I figured I could reload the entire site faster than I could find a solution to this problem.

The biggest reason why I decided to do this is because of Fantistico. I used it to install drupal on my old host and moving to the new host just seemed to have too many problems. I heard its a good idea to never use Fantistico to install drupal for a production site. I figured it would be best to do a fresh install while it is easy to do so.

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The issue was indeed on my host's end. I ran into the exact same problem with a fresh install of Drupal (installed w/out fantistico).

I opened my old ticket and had it elevated to a level 2 tech who knew just what to do, and it was fixed within an hour. And all of this happened around 2AM EST. 24/7 tech support!

BTW Cirtex is a great host, especially for drupal. 128M of memory and FFMPEG for $2.99/month. My old host (siteground) didn't have enough PHP memory to even run the update module and their support is nonexistent.

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I encountered this problem with Drupal 6.30 with a shared server on DreamHost. After lots of tinkering, nothing worked. Then another thread pointed me to the "Filter Permissions" module, which did the trick:

In an ideal world, the server could be jacked up to allow this many checkboxes on a page to be submitted. But, using this module is a lot cheaper than paying for a dedicated (non-shared) server. And it improves the UI.