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Views_Galleria is an equivalent for Galleria. (You do not need to download Galleria for it to work.)

It extends the Basic Settings: Style views configuration option to include a gallery view.

It allows one main feature image, and automatically generates smaller thumbnails above it with a main image title (the node title) and navigation.

Module dependencies

To configure your site using Views Galleria, you need to install, enable, and configure the following modules:

You also need to apply this Views Galleria patch


Install and enable the required modules, assign appropriate permissions. (Permissions seem to be less relevant.)


  1. Create a new content type, with all settings as default, save.
  2. Add an Imagefield field to this new content. The only setting to change here is the number of values, which allows for uploading and attaching multiple images to this content and node. Look for Global settings > Number of Values > Unlimited. Save field settings. (Consider the Required option, again under Global settings.)
  3. Create a node and populate it with images so you have something to work with in your View.


  1. Create a new view, with the View type:Node.
  2. Default view settings:
    • Basic settings > Style: Views Galleria.
    • Fields > Content: insert your node/content (field image) > Format: Image. Deselect Group multiple values.
    • Filter > Node: Type > Operator: Is one of > Node type: insert your node/content.
    • Save. (See screenshots below).
  3. Create a Block. Block > Add display. Block Settings > Name: your block name. Save.

Now that the content and view are created, and assigned as a block to a region, you can create further content/nodes, with images attached or uploaded.
Also be aware to Update settings or changes, before Saving, where required or suggested.

Working Examples

Here are some screenshots of CCK and Views to show different filters/arguments, etc.

Example 1, CCK:

Only local images are allowed.

Example 2, CCK:

Only local images are allowed.

Example Display fields:

Only local images are allowed.

Example 1, Views:

Only local images are allowed.

Example 2, Views:

Only local images are allowed.


  • jQuery, seems to have a challenge with larger quantities of images, when creating and changing settings with Views.
  • There seems to be a conflict, with having multiple Views_Galleria displayed.
  • Other conflicts; ddblocks?

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