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This module allows users to create image galleries using the Galleria jQuery plugin, found on

How it works

There are several different approaches of using this module to create Galleria image galleries.
The most typical and easiest way to do so is to use it as a field formatter for image or media fields. All images uploaded to such a configured field will then be displayed in a Galleria gallery.
You can also use it in conjunction with the References module to build a gallery of image nodes, referenced by a 'Node reference' field; or you can use the Views module to gather a list of images to display in a Galleria.


  • Works as a field formatter for both Drupal's integrated image field and the media module's 'Multimedia asset' field.
  • Provide a caption and description for each image.
  • Conveniently configure the whole range of Galleria options.
  • Use every official or custom Galleria theme!

Drupal 6

Unfortunately the 6.x branch of this module is no longer being developed and is getting more and more out-of-date. Please consider updating to Drupal 7 to get all the exciting new features!

Special Thanks

Version 6.x:

  • Devkick, the creators of the original plugin.
  • prof1337 for tons of development work and helping in the issue queue.

Version 7.x:

  • kroimon for lots of contributions and help with support
Supporting organizations: 
Drupal 7 port, Maintenance

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