Lullabot is pleased to announce the second annual Do It With Drupal Seminar. This 3-day event is focused on the configuration, architecture, and processes behind building successful Drupal websites and communities.

The event is geared at attendees with a wide range of Drupal experience. For new site-builders and decision-makers, DIWD will offer a great introduction to Drupal and the Drupal community. For more experienced Drupalers, DIWD will offer a great chance to pick up tips and tricks straight from the module developers themselves and a chance to connect and socialize with other Drupal professionals.

The Do It With Drupal Seminar will feature the following highlights:

  • Examine and dissect successful Drupal sites
  • Discover new site-building strategies
  • Learn from Drupal's top developers
  • Hear from social media and social networking experts
  • Connect with other Drupal professionals
  • Expand your Drupal knowledge

This commercially produced event takes place at the Marriott Hotel in New Orleans' French Quarter, December 9, 10, 11, 2009 and features sessions by many "big names" from both inside and outside of the Drupal community (see list of current speaker list below).

The current list of speakers includes...

  • Drupal Developers, Authors, Experts
    • Dries Buytaert, Drupal project founder and lead
    • Angela "Webchick" Byron, Lullabot, Using Drupal Author, Drupal Core Maintainer
    • Earl Miles, Author, Views and Panels
    • Karen Stevenson, Lullabot, Maintainer of CCK, Date and Calendar
    • Moshe Weitzman, Author of Organic Groups
    • Ryan Szrama, Commerce Guys, Ubercart
    • Josh Koenig, Chapter Three, Pantheon
    • Eric Gundersen, Development Seed, Open Atrium
    • Aaron Stanush & Todd Ross Nienkerk, Four Kitchens
    • Emma Jane Hogbin, Front End Drupal Author
    • Doug Vann, Drupal Evangelist
    • Nathan Haug, Lullabot, Using Drupal Author, Filefield, Imagefield, Webform
    • Addison Berry, Lullabot, Using Drupal Author, Drupal Docs Team Lead, Knight Drupal Initiative Winner
    • Jeff Eaton, Lullabot Voting API, Using Drupal Author, VotingAPI, Token
    • James Walker, Lullabot, Using Drupal Author, OpenID
    • Matt Westgate, Lullabot co-founder, Pro Drupal Development Author
    • Jeff Robbins, Lullabot co-founder, Using Drupal Author, Lullabot Podcast Host
  • Technology & Community Experts
    • John Armstrong,
    • Rob Purdie,
    • Michael Meyers,,
    • Chris Messina, Vidoop, Firefox, BarCamp, OAuth
    • Andrew Hoppin, New York Senate
    • Micki Krimmel,
    • Ben Brown, Consumating, CNET, Internet Rockstar
    • Lane Becker, Get Satisfaction

Speakers are still being added. Find the latest list here.

Drupal site and distribution dissections:

  • Open Atrium

Fantasy sites - popular websites rebuilt in Drupal:

  • Craig's List
  • Etsy
  • Yelp!
  • Stack Overflow

Visit the Do It With Drupal website at to find registration rates and more information including the current schedule and FAQ. And be sure to check out the blog for more speaker and conference-related information as it is announced.

We hope to see you in New Orleans!


Sroy’s picture

Cant wait!!

rszrama’s picture

Can't wait! DIWD was great fun last year, and even though I was there to present, I learned a lot from the non-Drupal industry experts who showed up. I learned a lot from the Drupal experts, too. : )

If you're planning on coming and want to do some Ubercore dev / brainstorming, lemme know so we can plan some time there.

jinlong’s picture

can't wait,also in beijing

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By the way, the current early registration discount ends this Sunday, November 1st.
So register soon if you'd like to save some money.

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Jeff, it looks like you work for lulabot, why do you get rights to advertise on while John Dow Inc, does not.

I understand you have done alot for the drupal community, and thus have rights, but I find it a conflict of interest, that you use those rights in promotion of your own company.

Please de-promote this from the front page, and put it in paid services.

Thank you

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Work for them? It's his company. : D

I think you may have been a little hasty... Why do you think Jeff could get away with promoting his own post and none of the other site maintainers would bat him down? Looking at the revisions, I see gdemet promoted this. You should review the pertinent issue and provide feedback there where the right people will actually hear you.

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This post was promoted because Do It With Drupal is a major Drupal event attracting hundreds of attendees and speakers from around the world. Dries himself will speaking at this year's event, along with many other well-known figures in the Drupal community. It is not the first commercial Drupal event that has received front page recognition, nor is it likely to be the last.

I want to be clear that jjeff followed the established procedure for submitting stories for front page promotion, and did not receive any special consideration because of his place in the community. He made a post in the News and Announcements forum, then created an issue in the Webmaster's issue queue requesting it be considered for home page promotion. Two other members of the webmaster's team, neither of whom are Lullabot employees, reviewed the post and both agreed that it was worthy of home page promotion. I was the person who actually promoted the post, not jjeff.

As Ryan points out above, please feel free to post any additional concerns you may have in the Webmaster issue for the promotion of this story.

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Thanks for explaining it. Good luck with your event!

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Enjoyed last year! Great event!

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Nice would love to make it to a drupal event one day. This looks terrific! But $1000, wow. Will any of it be podcast afterward?

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