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MD5: b8d772f02b7ba40a4f9514dba49b0f1b
SHA-1: 9b9545eaa7d00c19419c419cad1e286f537077fa
SHA-256: 3c4aa6e8e364f616330e640688d1c6789cdedec0af3ab574389239dd8e72ec46
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MD5: e31ac939dcac56e53f87609160101d8e
SHA-1: 9a86593c2cf7bb518b2a87caa69278f6a9ff9206
SHA-256: 7ef23b0292aad5c0f5fdbf9492e2a83a58ef6575941d57d49cb09784987b0c33

Release info

Created by: kbahey
Created on: 21 Oct 2009 at 17:57 UTC
Last updated: 21 Oct 2009 at 21:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-1.0:

  • DRUPAL-SA-CONTRIB-2009-077
  • modified the README.txt to reflect the changes to hook_userpoints
  • minor change to readme.txt
  • Modifying sort order as per #352587
  • Fixed #356479 by adding a 3rd = to the check for what category to display, 0 was equaling to empty string as well
  • Fixed #356479 by adding a 3rd = to the check for what category to display, 0 was equaling to empty string as well
  • fixing #332584
  • implemented the ability to choose which category appears on the user's profile page #341049
  • fixing translation issues per #355042
  • fixed an issue was approve userpoints not being translated properly
  • cleaning up a few issues from the last commit
  • #360569 by rastatt, add a new translation for uppercase singular point for use by contributed modules.
  • Fixed #362119 user receives access denied when viewing the transaction details of users with no transactions
  • 366753 by jcmarco, add events and conditions for rules integration
    by kbahey, change all instances of to so it would not accidentally clash with the global object
  • #341049 bug fix -- Points on profile were not displayed correctly if many point categories were used
  • #373230 by fred0, 'Adjust link title needs userpoints_translation' correct
  • #360664 by klapper, userpoints not showing
  • #417558 fix for mispelled 'lenght' in .install
  • #426952 by jhedstrom: add relationship to users table for more views possibilities
  • #431444 by Amitaibu, better description for Rules action.
    #431430 by Amitaibu, add token implementation, [user:userpoints]
    #431436 by Amitaibu, remove unneeded Rules condition functions. Superceded by token.
  • 431598 by Amitaibu, followup for rules/token patch
  • #433208 by dicreat, wrong anchor tag to comment
  • #450514 Better description for the Userpoints API module
  • #487234 by ckng, check permissions before showing block
  • #395500 by ilo, time_stamp can now be changed in the API. changed is the field that holds the real time stamp
  • #395500 followup by ilo
  • #362119 by dragonwise, /myuserpoints/UID gives access denied
  • #516412 Replace reference to obsolete userpoints_basic with userpoints_nc
  • #441886 by jcmarco, fago: Improve userpoints rules integration
  • #407004 by fred0, correct totalling of points when categories are used.
  • #441886 by jmarco, fix for rules integration with userpoints
  • #592360 by Jeremy, kbahey: statically cache maximum userpoints to reduce number of queries
  • #599624 by MGN, remove t() from .install file


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