I'm happy to announce that as of today, there will be two new core committers:

Gerhard Killesreiter (killes)
Gerhard will be a maintainer of the DRUPAL-4-7 branch. Drupal 4.7.0 will be our best release to date, and having a dedicated maintainer is going to be extremely valuable. I believe Gerhard will do a great job securing the stability of the Drupal 4.7 release series. After all, he is particularly skilled in saying "no, only bugfixes are allowed". ;-)
Neil Drumm (drumm)
Neil will be a maintainer of the DRUPAL-4-8/DRUPAL-5-0 branch (the next Drupal version after Drupal 4.7). An important reason for putting Neil in this role is his background with the update/install system and his experience maintaining a successful Drupal distribution. Hopefully, his experience will help us to get closer to supporting install profiles.

Please join me in thanking Gerhard and Neil for taking on these roles.

This brings the number of core committers to four: Gerhard Killesreiter (killes), Neil Drumm (drumm), Steven Wittens (steven) and myself. Gerhard and Neil will operate under different terms than Steven and myself. Read on to learn more about this.


Gerhard and Neil will operate under different terms than Steven and myself:

  1. Gerhard and Neil can only commit to their branch, or if their branch doesn't exist yet, to CVS HEAD.
  2. Gerhard and Neil lose their commit access when their branch is no longer maintained or supported.

Additional information

  1. At the moment, Gerhard can commit to CVS HEAD because the DRUPAL-4-7 branch doesn't exist yet. When the DRUPAL-4-7 branch is created, Gerhard is no longer allowed to commit to CVS HEAD.
  2. Neil can commit to CVS HEAD until the DRUPAL-4-8 or DRUPAL-5-0 branch is created. Unlike Gerhard, Neil can commit new features to CVS HEAD (after the DRUPAL-4-7 branch is created) and help shape Drupal 4.8/5.0. However, when the DRUPAL-4-8 or DRUPAL-5-0 branch is created, Neil has to go into "maintenance mode". At that point, he can no longer commit new features.
  3. As of March 15, I'll be away from the keyboard for a while. Having four core committers makes it easier to distribute the work when one of us is absent.
  4. I might add a DRUPAL-4-6 branch maintainer if there are enough core developers interested in taking on such a role.


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Hearty welcome to Gerhard and Neil as the core maintainers.

Thank you Dries for sharing the info.

All the best.

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Thanks you all. Keep up with the good work!

Best regards,

José Fernandes

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I am happy to hear of your commitments to make this a better project.

In the words of Rick James "It's a Celebration 3itches!"


Erik Ebright
Interactive Media Developer

ps- Don't be offened, watch the chappell show if you don't know...

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Thanks for stepping up to the plate, fellas!

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thanx for your fantastic code!

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First of all - Congratulations for the new commiters!
The way Drupal is managed proves again that open source code which is developed in a community can have an excelent self-critics and code reviewers, just as much as a big fat company.

As for my question: Actualy 4.6 is the most stable version, but even before 4.7 is officialy a stable version, you already mention 4.8 and 5.0 . Is there any time table that us, developers, should be aware of?
To be clearer: For all my clients who need a functional site TODAY, I propose 4.6 as a solution. Is that version going to be obseletem or unmaintained soon, or do I have time until such thing happens?

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This is pretty off-topic here, but an "answer" is in a thread of the development list: http://lists.drupal.org/archives/development/2006-02/msg00687.html

Basically, much like other popular and stable software, Drupal-4.6 will likely be maintained for quite some time into the future.


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Hello Gerhard & Neil - Thank you so much for helping out and all that you do! In my opinion, your attainment of core committer is quite an honor and accomplishment! It is an excellent sign of your technical expertise and ability to effectively lead others at attaining goals in a very important project.

Hello Dries, Steven, Gerhard, & Neil - The Drupal community of users and developers truly appreciates your commitment to excellence and your dedication to the Drupal project. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors!

Hello Dries - Thank you for giving us Drupal! I'm glad you started this project over five years ago and it just keeps getting better and better!

Hello to ALL the wonderful Drupal developers and users - THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL your help in developing code and answering all the questions, comments, and criticisms on the forums and elsewhere! Drupal may very well be the BEST CMS, but it's the Drupal community, all developers and users, that makes Drupal what it is and makes it so great.

Walt Esquivel, MBA, MA, Captain - U.S. Marine Corps (Veteran)
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Dries - Couldn't agree more with your selections. Excellent choices, and should offer some much needed relief for the over worked core group.

Neil & Gerhard : congrats guys! keep up the good work!
James Walker :: Bryght Guy

James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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Welcome, and thanks!

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Having the keys will change your view. And don't forget to have fun.

-Steven Peck
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-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
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Congrats neil and Gerhard.

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Thank you all for your sweat and brain power!!

"Please drupal responsibly: give as much help as you get."

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Thanks for all the hard work guys!


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Thanks for all the hard work guys!

Couldnt agree more!


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It's hard to find anything to complain about Drupal and the Drupal community.

I haven't find any in the last 2 years... It is an excelent job. Wish I were skilled enough to help.

Boa sorte!

Cogito ergo doleo


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Happy coding!

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Thank to all of you for building such a wonderful cms :-)