howdy folks

i have installed drupal in the root directory on my the server. /drupal-4.6.5

I have set the base url to but when i go to that addres and click on a link i just get an error message.. what do i need to do?



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Hi there,

In your base_url did you include a forward slash at the end? If so you need to remove it.


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nope this is whats in the settings file

* Base URL:
* The URL of your website's main page. It is not allowed to have
* a trailing slash; Drupal will add it for you.
$base_url = '';

* PHP settings:

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I believe you've mispelled the address you're using for the $base_url. It should be, not Note the missing second "r" in your current setting. Hope this is it.

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LOL, nice spot :)