Great news! On Thursday evening, the Drupal Association board chose Paris to host the next European Drupalcon.

First of all we want to congratulate the teams from the other two candidate cities, Maastricht and Cologne. We know they worked hard, spent a lot of energy and did a great job. We're looking forward to working with you all — your help and experience will be more than welcome...

Paris is a good city for open source software, a great city for Drupal and, frankly, a fantastic place to visit. The community here has become increasingly active over the past two years and is excited to host enthusiastic Drupalers from around the world.

We want the conference to be attractive to as many Drupalers as possible. This is why the conference will feature tracks for coders, designers, site builders and students as well as companies and entrepreneurs thinking about using Drupal.

Novices and hard-core Drupalers alike are invited to share their common passion by participating in a day-long code and documentation sprint following the conference.

There will be sessions for all levels of Drupal users from beginners to seasoned pros.

There will be activities for significant others and significant little ones.

There will be business meetings and job opportunities.

There will be wine.

We need your help — Please join the effort

We want to thank everyone who supported the Parisian proposal and call upon all our friends in the Drupal community to join us in making this the most successful Drupalcon yet. Here’s what you can do:


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Wow all goes to drupal con! Cya

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Great news ! :-D

Arnaud 'Narno' Ligny @

Arnaud Ligny aka Narno

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welcome to beijing !

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- am the master of my Drupal

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Mes félicitations aux cousins français de la part d’un québécois.

Congratulations to all. Now if I can find time and money to go in Paris and also convince my new boss.

When will a web site be available for Paris DrupalCon?

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Thx cousin !
The website is not available yet and will at least not be open before the end of DC drupalcon to avoid confusion.

In the meantime we will communicate all available info on the Paris DrupalCon group and via Twitter.


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Congratulations to Paris i'm sure it would be great and for the website i think Alexandre is right it's better to avoid confusion and take time to prepare a beautiful one.

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Paris is great and it's one train away from here. Let's hope London is the next in line for a DrupalCon.

Dee :: UK Drupal Consultancy

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I am so totally there...

-=- christopher

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Since both cities Paris and Maastricht are having their own charme, each of them will be a well choice.

As already mentioned before and discussed at FOSDEM: We are willing to help you. Just give us a post.

Thomas Narres
"Keep the sunny side up"-Professional

Thomas Narres
Keep the sunny side up

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Well being also from only one TGV away from Paris, this time I have no excuse, my first DrupalCon, whooooooo !!!

Création de sites web
Actualité informatique

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As agreed at FOSDEM we wellcome help from Maastricht and Germany. We are willing to share information.

We should get together on some document to work on something like todo list and guideline that will help also next conference and candidacy.

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I'll send you some ideas we had and other contacts

bert boerland

bert boerland

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G.D.O is our playground :)

Thomas Narres
Keep the sunny side up

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Great! I was planning to go to Paris sometime summer just for a stroll but now it makes more sense to visit.

Desperately waiting to meet all the great Drupal guys and girls at the next Drupalcon!

Hope the Velib system will not crash by then. I heard they have some problems currently.

Drupal Sites Directory

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Velib (a Self Service “bike hire” system) works quite OK. The only problem is they have to replace damaged/lost/robbed bikes often, more than they expected ;-)


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Congrats to Paris. I look forward to DrupalCon coming back to Europe. Any of the candidate cities would have been excellent, but Paris is a great choice. I've been looking for an excuse to visit Paris again.

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Great news! This will be my first time visiting Paris. Looking forward to a great time!

Jakob Persson - NodeOne

Jakob Persson - blog
Leancept – Digital effect and innovation agency

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On behalf of the DrupalCon Maastricht 2009 team, congratulations! We will be seeing you all in Paris.

bert boerland

bert boerland

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Congratulations, Paris


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So great !

so cool !

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I love Paris and my family too. We'll be there.



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c'est excellent! mais peut-etre on devrait changer le nom (DrupalCon) pour une fois. ;-)

Peut-etre, DrupalConf cette fois-ci?

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tres bien! perfect. I was always for Paris :)


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That's right DrupalCon sounds "weird" in French (a "con" is a stupid guy).
That is why we decided to stick to "Drupal conference" for communications in french language.

But "DrupalConf" may be a good idea.


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Excellent point.

We already discussed this and will raise the topic with the Drupal Association too to get their input.

For those of us that don't speak French: 'con' is indeed a 'stupid' guy, but with a bit heavier than just stupid. Think 'DrupalImbecile' or 'DrupalDouchebag'.

DrupalConf and DrupalConference seem likely candidates.


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I am living in Paris 17 e district, arround Place de clichy. Exactly at Metro Guy Moquet
Since i have à Baby i am living with my girl friend in Rueil Malmaison .
So i get to the point , i can share my appartment with people that are coming from out of the city , or the country
I share appartement with help in drupal sites.
My project is to buildup for my communoty a site like ning , but better
So till there , have lot of fun
my email :
Angelo Clemente


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Awesome job.

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Sweet! Just so happens I got Rosetta Stone French complete 2 weeks ago, so this is totally motivational for me to study.

Anyone who wants a discounted stay should contact me. I will have room for 4-6 people (maybe more, but I don't know if my wife will want to share our space - if she doesn't come, I'd have space for 8-9 or so). I have a timeshare that allows me to exchange there :-) I'll be there for a week.

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See ya all there :)

I'm from Slovenia btw.

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Great for Drupal ! Great for Paris !
See you all there !!

A french in slovenia ;)

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Paris is perfect for DrupalCon


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Very nice job to everyone working on the Paris proposal!

This is going to be fantastic.

I am really excited for the debrief with your team after DrupalCon in DC.


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thx. Most of the team will be there at DC. Looking forward to it.

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Excellent! I get to stay with my outlaws!

my site:

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What dates in September will DrupalCon Paris be?


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Wonderful news. Hope firm dates will be announced several months in advance, with a firm schedule of talks. Essential so that travellers can book cheap non-refundable tickets well in advance. I speak from experience of being unable to go to LibreGraphics in Poland last year because they couldn't get their act together early and from going to an open source conference in Malaga which was... well, not cancelled even, it just disappeared a month or two beforehand (I still went there because I'd already spent the money). :(

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We will be announcing the final date very very shortly. But it will be early september.

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Cause I'm not gonna miss this one.

thanks to for letting me contribute work time to Drupal.

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The picture is not good to illustrate Paris as it is a real concrete city. Very hard to find some green.

But have a good time and good meetings in it. There is plenty to do.

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Between the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne be assured that you will be able to find some green (Luxembourg park, Monceau park, etc). :)
This picture show the Champs de Mars park, under the Eiffel tower.

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You can see „the green drop comet” end of february in the sky ;-)

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Hay Gr8!!! News


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What a great idea!!!
Welcome to Paris friends. I'll be here this time and happy to meet most of you.
See you in september!!

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Congratulations! Very nice work team Paris!

vermario’s picture


I'll be on that TGV (6 hours from here)!

Konstantin_by’s picture

I'll be there too

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Hope won't be missing this one too.
I really liked the "Drupalians" community in Paris at the last DrupalNGo workshop we had here in Paris. Unfortunately got too busy after and was not able to follow up with the community afterward. So I'm crossing fingers till then.

jwuk’s picture

The Paris DrupalNGo workshop event seems to be advertised at but someone needs to fix their website. "Come and join us! October 4th and 5th, the Drupal French community is inviting you to these two awesome events..." it says. No indication of year, so it seems like it's in the future. But in 2009 those dates are Sunday/Monday, so I'm betting it's 2008.

  • No review of what happened at that event? :(
  • No indication of future events?? :(
  • Webmaster still alive??? :(
OriPekelman’s picture

We are still on this. The website for the association was done, but we are still waiting on them for the data import. We will update the website as soon as possible, but with the Drupal Conf and everything this got a bit less prioritized...

It was cool, and we will do others...

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Perfect! I will be there!

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Excellent. We Will be there :-)

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Paris, here I come!

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Will sessions be held in French?

jwuk’s picture

... that would be part of the fun! :)

Oops, I think I just trolled! Seriously, I hope it will be like the wonderful LibreGraphicsMeeting that I attended in Lyon -- presenters came from all over the world and most of the sessions were in English, but there were indeed some in French. Personally I'll be very disappointed if I don't get the chance to listen to some chatter in French, whether in presentations or BOF sessions or just standing around in groups by the coffee machine.

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My opinion is that the local user groups might well present some sessions in French, but thinking like that we might see sessions in Italian when in Rome, Spanish in Madrid and so fort. For most of the attendees, this is uninteresting so for the main part keep it to english so we all can attend and enjoy a fruitful experience.

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When will come to Brazil?? =D