Well, I have attempted to integrate Drupal with WHMCS (which is a reseller hosting package, fyi). The result can be seen here:


If there is any webhosting reseller in this community who is interested how it is done, I am willing to share information. If any of you have integrated the two with greater success I am willing to learn :)

Oh, the theme is a slightly modified zen classic (thank you for your assistence, gforce301!).


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Looks very nice in your website.
Any tips are welcom

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Thanks :) Just tell me what you wish to know, are you familiar with whmcs?

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Looks great. Can u tell me how u did integration?

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Thanks animator, now you forced me to reveal my dirty tricks :) I have to say it is not a full db integration, meaning the WHMCS part is hard coded... if you have a very dynamic menu (changing all the time) it would not work.

First, I synchronised all the stylesheets used in the Drupal theme with the header.tpl in the WHMCS template folder.

Then, and this is the "dirty" part I think, I went into the source file of the main (Drupal) page, and copied part of the body (the part containing the entire menu) into the body of the header.tpl file.

I did the same with the footer.tpl, that is, copy the footer part from the source into the footer.tpl file.

That was it... looks nice, done in seconds. I am sure there are better ways but I am not a coding expert :) I would love to hear if somebody created a full integration though, with a fully dynamic menu. Now, whenever I update the menu, I have to copy the source into the header template again.

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Yikes, what happens when you update either Drupal or WHMCS? You gotta do that all over again I would suspect. Yea, a more Drupalish way like a module would be better.

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take a look at my solution, http://drupal.org/node/687096

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We have had success doing some tighter integration.

At My Account by Geekz we applied heavy restyling to the theme to tie it into the existing theme through the rest of our site network. Primarily themed after Hosting by Geekz which is itself a themed version of by Geekz to allow us to expand pages and use and expand Drupal to our liking. All theme work done to WHMCS was done by extending what already existing in the header and footer. Some custom PHP was used to draw in the custom footer used through out the rest of the site.

We also used a custom action-hook written in-house to tie WHMCS user sign-ups back into Drupal. We used an in-house Drupal module to tie new user sign-ups to WHMCS. Between these two we maintain account synchronization.

We will shortly be releasing both the action-hook and module on our Web Apps by Geekz store for a very affordable price. Both will be encrypted with the same method that WHMCS is, so if WHMCS runs, so will both of our modules. If you have any questions for us, feel free to email support@bygeekz.com, preferably with Integration somewhere in the title.

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subscribing. would be nice to offer this integration module and instructions free of charge though.

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I emailed bygeekz and recieved great news that they'll be releasing the module soon!
Lets wait for them to finish up module for public release.

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cool good work! thanks bygeekz too :)

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Question is though, will they be releasing it for free? On their site, the install and module is $20. Selecting the module alone is still $20. I'd really like this as a module, so I would consider paying the $20.

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subscribing. It seems the site is down today, though.

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So did this ever happen? Don't see anything at the link but a contact form.

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Wondering just that myself.

None of the bygeekz links seem to be working, so are they still with us?

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I had serious problems with WHMCS sessions being reset with traditional php includes in my Drupal pages. WHMCS
was creating a new session every time I connected to a password protected page.

I have found a solution that for me is sufficiently acceptable. I have decided to use the much maligned iframe
within my drupal pages to include WHMCS content.

I have found some very nice code here
to reshape the iframe on reload of its content. This means crucially that there are no ugly scroll bars on your iframe.

Select view page source to view code.Remove all the table related html from his example and just use the iframe tag.

One important thing I discovered was that an http iframe cannot resize itself based on https
content and vice versa. Therefore it is important to mod rewrite all http links within Drupal to https and to set your WHMCS installation to always deliver in https(This is done by setting the system url to [url]https://www.yourdomain.com/whmcs[/url] and blanking out the WHMCS SSL System URL. All this is in General settings of WHMCS admin)

Once included you would then need to update your theme's css with the style required by WHMCS and match them to your current theme.

Hope that helps someone
Eugene Martin

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Do you have a link to this solution?

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I'm looking at implementing WHMCS as well and I've got no clue at this point (although just beginning to look). I presume there's no module. What have others done to successfully implement WHMCS on a drupal site?

Is there any way to at least handle single signon between Drupal and WHMCS?

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Yes i would also like a single signon between Drupal and WHMCS.... as well as the integration so man others are requesting.

Any word yet on this?


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I also do it with iFrames. Very easy and no problems upgrading WHMCS or Drupal independent of each other. I don't remember having to do anything special other than installing the iframes module. Site is still chugging away signing up customers.

On the WHMCS side all I did was disable the header so I don't get that big huge whmcs logo inside an iframe with my website logo on top of that outside the iframe. That was more an asthetic thing.

Not sure what the aversion to iFrames is but for this application it seems ideal to me.

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Hi everyone,

Regularly we still receive questions about my Drupal integration, and I wondered why, until I realized I never updated this article to say we decided not to use Drupal anymore on our hosting site. I found that for our needs, a full Drupal integration was not necessary, so I abandoned Drupal and went for a full WHMCS theme. I still love Drupal to bits, but it was easier to just use WHMCS :) Our forum was hardly used at all, it seems that most of our customers prefer the ticket/chat system and it was of no use to keep it all running for one or two who did use it. I'm sorry about not telling everybody earlier :)

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There will be a possibility to integrate Drupal and WHMCS fully, incl. sessions and user accounts. GoHigherIS is planning to release in near future their WHMCS Integrator (which now works only with Joomla) in the version that allows full integration (design, sessions, user accounts) of Drupal and WHMCS.

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That would be cool

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OH YEAH!! thats what i've been waiting for.

When I went through this before I ended up having to go with a Joomla site because you guys only did an integration with that. The day you bring this out I will rebuild out entire site on Drupal (my favourite) and get your integration : )

Please as soon as you can

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I am waiting to do the same. I am tired of Joomla

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Just an update because I'm still searching for a solution here. I heard from GoHigherIS that their Drupal/WHMCS integration is still quite some time away...

I've had someone quote me on integrating them through a single sign-on using Drupal core that will create, delete and sync a drupal user based on whmcs. I do not know as yet how this is going to be effected by session tracking, for instance if a user is logged into Drupal will it show up in WHMCS as being logged in, and vis versa.

This single sign-on solutions does not cover the theme integration (i.e. if Drupal changes so does the WHMCS theme). But a tthis point it looks as though manually changing the WHMCS them is the only way as IFrames seem to get sucha bad wrap... pardon the pun : )

I'll keep the thread updated will any developments and appreciate anything from anyone else.

Cheers : )

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Dear Sophia,
I know this is an older posting I am responding to but I would like to know about your experience with WHMCS. I am soon to purchase the latest version of this software will all of the addons. And would like to know about your experience. How was your liked this software. Can you tell me a little about the benefit of integration with drupal. Also how to whmcs integrate with drupal how easy is it to perform.
Drupal Normal Guy

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I've been looking into tying in some bash scripts, maybe simple perl, to accomplish some sysadmin stuff. Would be great to have a ton of stuff built in linking drupal to a hosting management platform. I'm assuming what all this chatter is about, subscribing!

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Hostdog is a web hosting company located in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are already using Drupal to handle authentication and keeping track of WHMCS users, invoices and orders. We also intend to release a series of modules to integrate basic functionality of WHMCS to Drupal.

After long developing and usage of Drupal with WHMCS external API, we are in the very pleasant position to announce the release of two Drupal - WHMCS modules ( WHMCS AUTH module and WHMCS API module )

We are currently in the process of formatting the code and submitting it as a sandbox project ( reviewers will be greatly appreciated ;) ).

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this sounds great... i'll have a good look.

Can I ask if you have limited isolated where clients can change their account details i.e. in Drupal or/and whmcs?

Are they synced?... whats your approach to this?

Look forward to see it

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We keep clients account details, registration, and reset password functionality at WHMCS system and redirect users to Drupal only for login.

Currently (via whmcs_auth module) from Drupal side a user account is created at the first login with WHMCS group permissions and the WHMCS ID is stored in a field.

We are planning to release support for client data sync using the same approach (update Drupal's user fields once they have changed since last login) with a new module.

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I love the idea hostdog and appreciate the effort!

Please post here when you have created the sandbox.

I'm getting this when trying to login at the front end. I have followed your instructions to the best of my knowledge at least.

Deprecated function: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated in drupal_load() (line 1100 of /var/www/html/dev/includes/bootstrap.inc).
Warning: simplexml_load_string(): Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found in whmcs_api() (line 137 of /var/www/html/dev/sites/all/modules/whmcs_api/whmcs_api.module).
Warning: simplexml_load_string(): result=error;message=Invalid IP XX.XX.XX.XX(my ip was here); in whmcs_api() (line 137 of /var/www/html/dev/sites/all/modules/whmcs_api/whmcs_api.module).
Warning: simplexml_load_string(): ^ in whmcs_api() (line 137 of /var/www/html/dev/sites/all/modules/whmcs_api/whmcs_api.module).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in whmcs_auth_user_exists() (line 237 of /var/www/html/dev/sites/all/modules/whmcs_auth/whmcs_auth.module).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in whmcs_auth_user_exists() (line 237 of /var/www/html/dev/sites/all/modules/whmcs_auth/whmcs_auth.module).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in whmcs_auth_user_exists() (line 237 of /var/www/html/dev/sites/all/modules/whmcs_auth/whmcs_auth.module).
Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?

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Now that sounds really useful. Will take a look, thanks for the effort

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Very nice layout structure.

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I would like to know how you integrated Drupal with WHMCS..?

I found some links about Drupal integration on WHMCS forum website..



I guess these guys had some success as well https://www.snowball.co.za/ , https://www.snowball.co.za/support

Look forward to hearing more..



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I like to have a copy of it

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Please I need that Information

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I also do it with iFrames. Very easy and no problems upgrading WHMCS or Drupal independent of each other. I don't remember having to do anything special other than installing the iframes module. Site is still chugging away signing up customers.